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Reading Challenge:Fireman Dad

For this review, I chose Fireman Dad by Betsy St. Amant.  I wanted to read a few books on Fireman.   I also read a series on Firemen by Jennifer Be

Description from Goodreads:
"Mommy, I Want To Be A Fireman."Widowed mother Marissa Hawthorne's little boy wants to be like his new hero--firefighter Jacob Greene. But Marissa and her son lost too much to the profession of firefighting already. She can't possibly let either of them get close to the man, no matter how noble he is. Especially because her own father is Jacob's boss. But when Jacob hires her to plan a special birthday party for his niece, Marissa soon learns that Jacob is a hero in many ways. And that taking risks for love is what life and faith are truly about.

I am going to do this review differently since their was Discussion Questions in the book of the book.  I am not answering every question, but the ones that were in my favorite part of the book.  If you want to see the other questions, please read the book and see them at the end of the book.  Thanks.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Motherhood is often a challenge.  As a single mom, how did Marissa struggle more so than other mothers?  I do think Marissa struggled more than other moms because of her fear.  

2. Marissa lost her husband to a dangerous career.  How did this shade her view of heroes?
Marissa feared of losing her son and anyone she is married to.   With Marissa losing her husband, she forgot what her late husband is-a hero.  Her fear took over.  Marissa is afraid that her son will follow in his dad's footsteps on becoming a fireman.  I understand about the fear of losing someone in this field since my husband is a fireman.  I have a habit of not thinking about the what ifs.  It is the only way for me to deal with it plus it means a lot to my husband.  

3. Marissa had a bad relationship with her father because of resentment she carried over from childhood.  Have you ever let a childhood grudge affect your adult life?
Marissa left this childhood grudge affect her adult life with her dad.  She is missing all the things that her dad came bring into her life and her son's life.  It is better to let go of that childhood grudge than to carry around that negative energy. 

4.  Despite her struggles in her first marriage, Marissa made every effort not to speak negativity of her late husband in front of her son.  Do you think this was hard to do?  Why is it important for her to do so?
Marissa did not speak negativity of her late husband in front of their son because her son is dealing with the lose of his dad.  Owen does not need more on top of what he is already feeling.  I think it can affect his well being if he learns something negativity of his dad when he is young.  

5. Because of his father and grandfather, young Owen wanted to become a fireman.  Why do you think this panicked Marissa?
I think Marissa panicked when she learns that Owen wants to be a fireman because of the lose of her late husband, who died doing what he loved to do- being a fireman.  

6.  Why did Marissa think Jacob would become a bad influence on her son?
I think Marissa thought Jacob would become a bad influence on her son because he is a fireman and with her son's interest in firefighting, Jacob could increase her fear of her son wanting to be a fireman and she could lose her son like she lost her husband.  

7. In the story, the community banded together to help raise money for the families of those laid off from the fire department.  Has your city ever done something like that to help others?  Did you contribute?  Why or why not?
The city I live in comes together to help many causes.  We have helped the cause at times like for K-9 dogs.  

8. Marissa found herself drawn to Jacob even though she feared a future with him because of his career.  Have you ever been attracted to someone you didn't think you should get involved with?  How did you handle it?
I have been married to my husband for 17 years.  When I met him, I knew he was a volunteer fireman, but he left the department because he moved.  I knew that some day he wanted to go back.  I know he loves what he does and I am very proud of him being a fireman.  He is being a good example for our children. 

Happy Reading!!  This was a very good book and I highly recommend it.

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