Thursday, January 7, 2016

Calling All Readers!

Call all Readers!!

Today I was chatting with Jean C. Joachim on Facebook when she posted using library cards for ebooks in Overdrive.  Some of her fiction books are not in all these libraries.  It got me thinking that if her books are not all there then other authors' books are not there, too.  I know I have search for different books in the 3 libraries I have cards with and many did not come up.  Now I did not know I could recommend a book or 2 until today.  I want to see if we can help out Jean and her fellow authors by adding their books to the digital libraries we have library cards.  I also want you to post with tips on how you got more than 1 library card.  In Pa, I can share my tips with you all in a separate post.  I will post the link here for you all once I have it done.

So, let's get started.  Sign into your digital library.  When you search for an author or book and nothing comes up, you will see at the bottom to the right should be a "add titles you recommend" to click.  Click that and it takes you to books by this author/book that you can recommend.  Now when I have done this, it only lets you do 2 books.  Pick the books you want to recommend.  You can get an email if you want to be put on hold. 

Now let's say that this author is someone that has books in this ebook library.  You search for that author and you don't see a book you want to read.  There is a "Additional Titles to Recommend" to click on the left side.

Thanks everyone!!
Happy Reading!

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