Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Book Tour: Journey of a Falcon by Mia Kun


Title: Journey of a Falcon
Series: Thornfield Book #2
Author: Mia Kun
Genre: YA Sports Romance
Release Date: January 5, 2021
Cover Design: TRC Designs

“Lies, Deceit, Friendship, Love, Suspense, Emotional and Collateral these are the words I would use to describe the book and it totally left me Awe.” ~Sanmugapriya
“... a beautiful story filled with many feelings/emotions of highs and lows, drama with unexpected twists. And beautifully described choreographed ballet pieces, that I was able to visualise in my head.” ~Bookaholic_Dreamer

He got away with one secret. But this one can cost him all.

All Alex ever wanted was to be a normal teenager: to quit dancing, to stop living by other people’s rules, and most importantly to lift the weight of his mother’s unhappiness off his shoulders.

With Katherine gone from Thornfield he finds himself once again on the crossroad between his love and loyalty towards Kat and following his dream. But this time around he has an even bigger secret to carry. 

Alex has to solve the puzzle left behind while balancing schoolwork, coaching Seth and building a relationship with his father. All that and keeping his emotions under control. Meanwhile Katherine has moved onto bigger and better things outside of Thornfield.

Eventually, he will need to decide what price is he willing to pay for another person’s happiness. 

Will Alex run out of time and have to confess the truth to Kat, or will he succeed in untangling all the pieces left unsolved before they pull the curtains for Kat’s premier?

Will Kat’s and Alex’s relationship survive this secret or will this be the end of their bond?


Mia is a Young Adult and Romance author.

She grew up in Budapest, Hungary, but she is currently living in London.

She's been dancing since she was six and that's why ballet is heavily featured in her books. If she is not writing she loves to spend time with her friends and dog, and reading.


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