Monday, May 2, 2022

Release Boost: The Grand Pact by JC Hawke


Title: The Grand Pact
Series: The Grand Men #1
Author: JC Hawke
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Release Date: April 28, 2022


We all have a dream.
But I think I preferred holding mine at arm’s length...

It’s not that I don’t want to go to New York.
It’s that it’s all I’ve ever wanted.
So when a dream internship lands in my lap, the last thing I should be doing is hesitating.

Elliot thinks I should take it — he’s always believed in me.

Smirking, smouldering Elliot Montgomery.
Notorious womaniser.
And...dearest friend?

It was Elliot’s arms I’d innocently fallen asleep between on lonely nights.

And those same arms that promised all kinds of unspeakable things when I found myself writhing between them...

But even as he threw me out of my comfort zone, Elliot promised me something immeasurable.

So now I’m here, living my fashion design dreams in the trustiest outfit I own — indecision. But the longer I stay in New York, the further I feel myself drift from everything I thought I wanted.

And somehow, absence is making the heat grow stronger...

If Elliot Montgomery is no Prince Charming, why does he feel like happily ever after?



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JC Hawke is an author of contemporary romance. She lives in the South-West of the United Kingdom with her husband, two daughters, and beagle woofer.

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