Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Release Blitz: Saltire by Hazel Jacks


Saltaire by Hazel Jacks is now live! 

It was the summer of 2004...

Penn: I didn't go looking for her, but I wanted her from the moment we met. To know her. To have her. Even just for a night—until I found out how old she was. That should have been it. The end. She was too young, and far too good for me. She had everything, and I had nothing to offer. Still, all I wanted was her. Before I realized what was happening, I was in way too deep. One summer was all we could have. A stolen season that would glimmer in my memory like a fragment of starlight stolen and tucked away. A love that would color every song I ever wrote from then on. Love didn't matter, though. It wasn't enough. Not for a girl like Raegan. The only way to give her what she deserved was to break her heart. And mine.

Raegan: All I wanted was a summer fling. It was the last summer I'd spend on Fire Island before moving across the country for college. I wasn't looking for anything serious—I wasn't looking for love. But then I met Penn. He wasn't like anyone I'd ever known, and he wasn't the playboy he pretended to be. He was sweet and caring, drop-dead gorgeous, and it didn't hurt that he was a musician. He made me feel like I was all that mattered to him. He became my entire world in a matter of weeks. I'd been coming to the seaside community on Fire Island from NYC for years in the summers. But this summer, everything felt different. Everything was different. Because of him. And this summer, I didn't want to leave. I gave him my heart...my body...my soul... I was willing to give him my future too. But it wasn't enough. 

Saltaire is book one of the Fire Island Series. Penn and Raegan's story will be concluded in book two.

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Meet Hazel Jacks

Hazel is fueled by boba tea, pop punk/emo music, the beach, and sour candy. She lives on the West Coast with her husband and daughter. 
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