Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Release Blitz: Deadly Business by Megan Matthews

Title: Deadly Business
Series: Pelican Bay Billionaires
Author: Megan Matthews
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Small Town Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 15, 2022

A murder. A hacker. A single chance at survival.

Hazel Webb is on the run. After her boss ends up dead, she needs me to solve her problems. There’s only one problem with her plan. Paying for the hacking services of Corbin Kensington doesn’t come cheap. Especially when I don’t trust the bold redhead.

I’m willing to let nature take its course until I see proof of Hazel’s claims. That is until she brings Chicago’s biggest mobster right to Pelican Bay.

The Grandmaster is the deadliest contender to wreak havoc on the small-town. He might be too much for even these guys to handle. If I can’t crack Hazel’s thumb drive, procure her protected documents, and keep her alive, the entire east coast might be in trouble.

If you enjoy small town, funny romantic suspense stories with fish-out-of-water heroines and aloof billionaires grab a copy of Dangerous Business today.

I darted into the bakery and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly and sending up a small prayer of thanks that I’d survived the walk. That deserved something special. Like a cookie. And oh look, I was in the right place for cookies.

Trying to look like I hadn’t literally run for my life, I stepped to the counter with a fake smile and ordered a coffee to go with a muffin and cookie. I had to order the muffin, so no one remembered me as the chick who ate a cookie for breakfast.

If I died soon, I didn’t want people to remember me for my unhealthy eating habits. Yes, I had them, but I didn’t want to be remembered for them.

The woman behind the counter, who smiled way too big for the time in the morning, wore a pink apron with the word Anessa embroidered into it. She made my coffee as I ducked into the bathroom, leaving my banana on the counter.

Now I wouldn’t look as suspicious. Totally better.

Check out the Pelican Bay Billionaires Series HERE

Megan Matthews loves writing humorous romantic suspense featuring heroes with unbelievable abs, billionaire bosses, and heroines with attitude for days. She lives in Michigan with her techie husband, homeschooled son, their cat, and two guinea pigs.

When she’s not writing, you can find her on Instagram posting about reading, home life, half-dead plants, her ridiculous notebook and fancy pen collections, plus the occasional crochet project.


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