Friday, March 22, 2024

Release Blitz: Then Hate Me by Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley writing as Blake Hensley


Title: Then Hate Me
Series: Gilded Decadence #2
Author: Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley
writing as Blake Hensley
Genre: Dark Billionaire Romance
Tropes: Arranged Marriage/Enemies to Lovers
Forced Proximity
Release Date: March 22, 2024


He dared to steal my bride, so it's only fair I respond by kidnapping his innocent sister.

Only a monster with no morals would kidnap a woman from her brother's wedding…
Which was precisely what I've become, a monster bent on revenge.

After all, as the billionaire Marksen DuBois, renowned for being a jilted groom, my reputation and business were in tatters.
There was nothing more dangerous than a man possessing power, boundless resources, and a vendetta.

I would torment him with increasingly degrading photos of his precious sister as I held her captive and under my complete control.
She'd have no option but to yield to my every command if she wished to shield herself and her family from further disgrace.

She was just a captured pawn to be dominated, exploited, and discarded.
Yet the more ensnared we become in my twisted game of revenge, the more my suspicions grow.
As she fiercely counters my every move, I begin to question whether I'm the true pawn… ensnared by my queen.

New York's elite play a dangerous game of shadows, hiding scandalous truths and illicit desires behind their opulent masks. Step into this intoxicating world of dark romance, masterfully crafted by USAT Bestselling authors, Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley, now co-writing as the enigmatic Blake Hensley.



Free in Kindle Unlimited



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing April 26



Introducing Blake Hensley, the sinfully decadent dream project of best friends and USA TODAY bestselling authors, Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.

Alta Hensley, renowned for her hot, dark, and dirty romances, showcases her distinctive blend of alpha heroes, captivating love stories, and scorching eroticism.

Meanwhile, Zoe Blake brings a touch of darkness and glamour to the series, featuring her signature style of possessive billionaires, taboo scenes, and unexpected twists.

Together, as Blake Hensley, they combine their storytelling prowess to deliver "Twice the Darkness," promising sordid scandals, hidden secrets, and forbidden desires of New York's jaded high society in their new series, Gilded Decadence.


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