Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Release Blitz: Devious Beloved by T.L. Smith


Title: Devious Beloved
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: Fake Marriage/Lovers to Enemies
Release Date: April 23, 2024
Cover Design: RBA Designs

He's devious, and my soon to be husband.
I didn't choose him.
I was coerced.
Whiskey has a way of manipulating me. He knows that I'll do whatever it takes to protect my family.
He's found my weakness and he's exploiting it. Seizing as he sees as his opportunity.
Now, I'm his wife for the next year.
I'm counting down the days until my time is up.
Until I'm free.
However, it doesn't seem to matter how devious he is, or that he's my father's friend.
When he's near, I want him to stay.
I hate that I love being married to my devious husband.

NOTE: Previously published as Cruel Beloved. It has been rewritten with over 6,000 words added.

USA Today Best Selling Author T.L. Smith loves to write her characters with flaws so beautiful and dark you can’t turn away. Her books have been translated into several languages. If you don’t catch up with her in her home state of Queensland, Australia you can usually find her travelling the world, either sitting on a beach in Bali or exploring Alcatraz in San Francisco or walking the streets of New York.


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