Friday, May 24, 2024

Release Boost: The Moment You Know by D.E. Daniel


The Moment You Know by D.E. Daniel is now live!

Marriages fail every day, for endless reasons, right?

But what if the reason you thought your marriage failed wasn't really the reason it failed at all?

What if you were wrong?

And what if you found out your marriage failed because of something that happened years before you even met your wife in that college bar and fell in love with her?

Something she recalled too late--after you'd moved on with another woman.

What would you do to get back what you'd lost, if given the opportunity?

That's the question David Lowe has been asking himself after being blindsided by the real reason his marriage failed …

And the answer is: Whatever. It. Takes.


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Meet D.E. Daniel

Born and raised in Washington state, I spent much of my time reading and writing. I became hooked on romance novels as a young teenager after reading Forever, by Judy Blume, and from there I moved on to V.C. Andrews, Victoria Holt, Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught, Jackie Collins, Sandra Brown ... you get the picture. I wrote dozens of short stories, along with my first 'novel', when I was in high school, and while I'm sure none of them were very good, the process of writing lit a fire in my soul.

After graduating from college and getting married, my military husband and I spent the next twenty-five years moving around the country, living in six different states (twice in Alaska), and raising two children, along with a menagerie of pets. Through it all, I kept reading and writing, until I had a dozen, half-finished contemporary romance novels on my laptop, and a vague dream of having one of them published someday.

Now currently settled in Michigan with my retired husband, I'm writing full-time in my downstairs bunker, working on finishing those novels. And when I'm not writing, I'm thinking about what I'm going to write ... because as Gloria Steinem said, "Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don't feel like I should be doing something else."

So, buckle up, because I'm just getting started ...


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