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Cover Reveal: Always My Forever by Madison Myers


Madison Myers has revealed the cover for Always My Forever!

Releasing July 23, 2024

What if what you've been searching for has been right in front of you all along?
And what if, by the time you realize that, you've fucked it all up beyond repair? 

Aaron and Gemma have been best friends since middle school. Long before he was becoming a household name on the big screen and taking home models, he was everything to one girl. When he finally realizes she's all he's ever needed, will it be too late? Has she moved on, evolved into who she was always meant to be in his absence? Is the damage he's done irreparable? Or is their forever fated, unavoidable, and assured, like she was so certain of for so long?

Emotions are messy, mistakes are made, and a lifetime of trust is shattered. Always My Forever is the story of how one man took the best thing that ever happened to him for granted--his plummet to rock bottom--and what he did to try to win her back. 

I can take a hint. He's never going to see me as anything but a friend. It's time to give up on what'll never be, and finally move on. The fact that he's not just my best friend, he's also my boss (and did I mention, on the cover of every magazine I pass by) isn't helping me get over him, but a new boyfriend just might. 

Aaron Stone has been my entire world for as long as I can remember. But when he crosses the line, makes me feel worthless at the only thing I've ever been good at, I'm done. I'm determined to build a life without him. He has yet to realize that his life will crumble without me. 

But Aaron? He's not walking out of my life willingly. And he's not letting me get away from his, either. He's back, and he's got plans to stay there, regardless of how badly I want to shut him out for good.

How did I miss the fact that she is what kept my life going, kept me going? How did I miss the fact that she was made for me? Gemma isn't meant for the schmuck she's dating. She's my forever, not his. 

Now that I've seen how it should've always been, there's no going back. I might be a mess, but there's one thing I know for sure, and that is she belongs with me. I just need to remind her of it, once I claw my way back into her life and earn her trust back. 

I might've caught on to what she's always known ten years too late, but she's not getting away from us. We're it, and I'll do whatever it takes to show her that I'll never take her for granted again. Even if she ends up being the only thing I have left by the end of it.

Cover Designer: Okay Creations  

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Meet Madison Myers

Maddie is an elder millennial who writes contemporary romance books that focus on relatable characters you'll fall for, journeys you'll root for and spice you'll melt for. She's awful at social media and talking in the third person, but she's less slightly terrible at writing spicy romance.

When she isn't at her keyboard from dark to dark, she's usually blasting music that hasn't been cool for fifteen years, or curling up with a book, her pups and the book boyfriend of the day, or her very real (and very understanding) husband of over a decade. 


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