Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 and 2015 Reading Challenge

Have you done the Reading Challenge with Goodreads?  Last year I wanted to read 75 books, but I finished with 117 books!!  This year I am going to try to read 75 books again, but I would love to read more than 117 books.  

33 with goal of 30 books- 2011
54 with goal of 40 books- 2012
68 with goal of  60 books- 2013
117 with goal of 75 books- 2014

My favorite books last year I read were:
1. Lucky Harbor Series by Jill Shalvis - I love the 3 sisters, Maddie, Tara, and Chloe.  They come together to handle their mother's inheritance of an inn.  I stopped at book #9 so I need to read the rest of this series soon!

2. Piper Anderson Series by Danielle Stewart- This series is one I could not put down.  Piper comes to Edenville, NC to have a normal life, but what she finds is so much more.  I need to catch up with this series before new books come out.

3. The Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel by Jennifer Bernard- What can I say about this series......FIREMEN!!!  Why not read a series on Firemen??  Ok, I am married to one!! I need to finish this series, too, or should I say catch up.

4. Evening Stars by Susan Mallery- This is the third book in the series of Blackberry Island.  The first 2 books are very good.  This book we read about Nina, who has taken care of her mother and sister her entire life. 

5 & 6. When We Met and Before We Kiss by Susan Mallery (Fool's Gold Series) - I love this series.   In When We Met, Tara and Angel are attracted to one other.  I love how Tara wear high heels.  In Before We Kiss, Dellina and Sam are a great pair!  In both of these books, I laughed and cried.  I need to catch up with this series, too.  I hate when I am finished with this series and I have to wait months for the next books so this time I am taking my sweet old time.

7. Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr - I love this series, too.  I think my favorite characters are Melinda and Jack.  Melinda came to Virgin River to start over and she found so much more.

One thing I love to read is series.  As you can tell by my favorite books of 2014. For this year, I want to branch out for my reading.  I joined the Unlimited Kindle and I would love to read at least 1-2 of those books a month.  Plus my favorite authors.  Add in a few authors, who I have not heard of or I was recommended to read by a friend.

Happy Reading!

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