Thursday, May 12, 2016

Interview with Lynne Silver

From the time I read the description for Book #1, Heated Match, I wanted to know how Miss Lynne Silver came up with this unique theme for her series.  I was so intrigued.  Genetically enhanced humans?  In college, I took Genetics and my degree is in Biology, Geology, and Chemistry.  That could be another reason why I was so intrigued.  

Before we go into the interview, I wanted to tell you about the author herself.
About the Author
Romance author, Lynne Silver, writes the popular Coded for Love and Alpha Heroes series and other hot contemporary romance novels. Before writing romance, she wrote fiction of a different sort, drafting press releases for technology corporations. Washington DC is her home (non) state, where she resides with her husband and two sons. She is represented by literary agent, Jessica Alvarez of Bookends LLC. 
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Here is the interview you have been waiting for:

What inspired you to write the Coded for Love Series?

Two things inspired me for the Coded for Love series. The first was a visit to my father-in-law’s office. He works for the federal government in a suburb outside of Washington, D.C. It was the most nondescript office building I’d seen, and yet there were armed guards and other security checkpoints. Why? Because, well, I don’t know. There was something secret going on there, and I realized it could’ve been anything…hidden aliens, nuclear bombs or a lab creating genetically enhanced humans.

The second thing that inspired me was two newspaper articles. The first came out around Valentine’s Day talking about the science behind falling in love. The article discussed that each person can smell a potential good made for them. Certain DNA combinations make stronger babies, and the whole dating scene is really a disguise for finding the strongest breeding mate.

The other article was a science article detailing how close scientists are to creating designer babies. Want a boy? Blond hair? You name it, Geneticists can make you your perfect baby. (In case the dating scene doesn’t work out for you. See paragraph above)

All of this combined to give me genetically enhanced soldiers living on a top secret government compound in suburban Maryland who find their perfect matches.

Lynne, Thanks for answering my question.  I can understand about the nondescript office building.  I worked for a company that was underground.  No windows.  We had idea what the weather was like outside.  The only thing that was on my mind that the ground would not give in.  So happy you visited your father in law and saw those 2 articles.  You gave us an unique series to help us escape our lives even for a little bit of time.  

Happy Reading all!  
I have a second post coming up that has a description of Heated Match along with an excerpt.

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