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Excerpt Reveal: Jilted: Nico & Sophie

DARE YOU not to fall HEAD OVER HEELS for sweet, sweet Nico! Jilted: Nico & Sophie by USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson is arriving November 18th... KEEP READING FOR AN EXCERPT!
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Despite being young and romantically inexperienced, Sophie Woods is an old soul who believes in true love, working hard at her bar, and always trusting her instincts. And from the moment she meets Nico, she knows without a doubt that he is her one-and-only. Twelve years her senior, the handsome architect is only sure of two things when it comes to Sophie: she’s far too young for him, and he wants no part in upsetting her protective older brother.
Broke and broken, Nico Bentley moves to Cliffside Bay for a fresh start at both work and play. But in a cruel twist of fate, it’s the one woman he can’t have whose captivating smile makes him forget all about his past. Yet when tragedy turns the vivacious Sophie into a shell of her former self, it will be Nico, and only Nico, who steps up to bring the joy back into her life. And in the process, the depth of his feelings for her can no longer be ignored.
In this installment of USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson’s beloved Cliffside Bay Series, return to the small town that warms your heart and take a trip halfway across the world to discover hope, healing, and the importance of happiness.
Nico folded over from his waist to place her on the bed. Her arms remained around his neck as he tried to set her down gently. She was still damp from the shower too, which made her stick to him. How did men do this in the movies?
The weight of her pulled him down with her and they landed together with a thud on top of the comforter. She made a little oomph sound like he’d hurt her. Then, her legs spread slightly to accommodate him. He raised his head. “I’m sorry.” His damn body was betraying him. He was hard under his jeans and the damn nuisance was pressing into her belly. That belly. Curved just right. And those generous hips. Great, now his hands were stuck under her. The two of them were practically glued together. All he had to do was lean a little closer and he could kiss her. A hard kiss that could go on and on.
She looked up at him. “Nico?”
“Yeah?” They were so close he could count the freckles on her perky nose.
“Is that what I think it is?”
He nodded, then hung his head. “I’m sorry. For guys, sometimes things happen even when you really don’t want them to.”
“I’ve never felt one before.”
“What?” That brought him back to reality. She’d never felt an erection before? “You’ve never messed around with a guy to the point where things happened?”
She looked up at him with her enormous eyes. “I’ve only kissed a few guys. And never like this.”
“How is that possible?”
“I’ve been waiting for the right one.”
Holy batman. What was he doing? This was even worse than he thought. He was the biggest jerk in the entire world. He’d known she was a virgin, but figured she had some experience with men. But she’d never…it was too much. He’d been right all along. Sophie was innocent and way, way too young for him. Did she have any idea how many women he’d been with? Not a ton compared to some, but enough to make him a definite man-whore compared to her experience. She deserved so much better than some old, slutty guy on top of her.
He would not, could not be that guy.
About Tess
Tess Thompson is a USA Today bestselling author of small-town romance and historical fiction, with nearly 20 titles across multiple series that focus on heartwarming journeys of triumph and humanity for colorful characters you'd love to be friends with in real life.
Tess holds a degree in theater from the University of Southern California (go Trojans!), and can be found most days at her desk in suburban Seattle, where she also makes her home with the hero of her own love story and their blended family of two sons, two daughters, and five cats.
Tess loves music, dancing, books, bubble baths, cooking, wine, movies, snuggling, Seahawks football, and hearing from her readers. Drop her a line at
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