Monday, September 26, 2022

Pre-Order Blitz: All for You Duet by Kelly Finley


All For You Duet
Author: Kelly Finley
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A Second Chance 
Enemies-to-Lovers Romance 
Releasing October 6, 2022

When you’re wanted…
Redix Dean is so hot he breaks hearts upon sight.
He promised he’d love me for infinity.
After one tragic night, he lied.
He moved to L.A., found celebrity success and left me with no answers.
Now he’s back and thinks he can seduce me and make me his again?

He was the love of my life.
No matter how famous he is, he’s still the boy who saved me.
Everyone sees his beauty. I see his pain.
Everyone is after him. I only want to save him.
Because he’s hiding something and I'm the only one who knows it.
I'll keep his secret while he plays dark games with my heart and body … until the very end.

“After Him” is the angsty, steamy, fast-paced first of a duet featuring a tragic hero and a second chance worth fighting for. It is a tear-jerking story with blazing hot scenes and dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers.




A FMM Suspenseful Love Menage 
Releasing October 20, 2022

When you’re torn…
Why should you decide?

I’m caught between a man who hates me and one who wants me.
And yes, it’s possible to choose—I love them both.
Redix is the only man I’ve ever told I love. We’re connected in ways that brand my soul.
Silas is a man of new temptation. He only wants to free me from my dark past.

But what do I want? What do I need?
All I’ve known is a love I’d kill for.
All I feel is that I want to save them both...

“With Him” is a steamy, fast-paced second of a duet featuring a menage between a tragic hero, a free spirit, and a love that breaks the rules. It is an HEA with hot scenes and dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers.




Kelly Finley hates writing bios but appreciates that you care. So here you go…
She lives in the Carolinas with her sexy husband and cherished family. A rebel with many causes, she fancies black leather, dirty jokes, big hearts, and smart mouths.
Thrilled by a flipped gender script and ticked off by women portrayed as weak, she noticed how many steamy, sexy heroines were missing, particularly from romance pages.
Always the small, stubborn one, she put to the page what she's taught for over twenty years—women who kick ass... and the hot alphas who crave them.
Dedicated to writing books featuring characters we love—ones with shameless heat, brave hearts, and whip-smart minds—she's most likely at her keyboard putting the next story on the page for you right now.


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