Thursday, September 15, 2022

Release Blitz: Mayhem on the Hills by V. Simran


Title: Mayhem on the Hills
A Valley of the Gods Series Prequel
Author: V. Simran
Genre: Dark New Adult Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2022



Some call him the god of the valley,
Some call him the future king.
But I only ever saw him as my wicked knight.
With his wolfish eyes that hunted me, his broody voice that taunted me and with his muscular body that enticed me.
I hated his arrogance, the untouchable air he walked around with and
Mostly…. the way he coerced me into going on a date with him.
But then I saw beneath the man he portrayed to the world and I was sucked into his orbit.
Only for it to be all a facade.
This is my story of how I fell for his lies and paid the price.


I hear everything they whisper about me in the corners of the valley.
My bad reputation that instills fear in everyone.
None of it mattered…. Until I saw her.
Glowing like a beacon in the dark.
She despises me, fights me, curses at me but like a fetish, it only makes me want her more.
So I trapped her despite all the warnings in my head and the threats of my world,
Believing it would never touch her.
Only for it all to fall apart into mayhem.
This is my story of how I became the ruler of darkness and chaos.

NOTE: This is a 66k words prequel to the series. It takes place four years before the first book in the series and the couple will get their HEA in the next book. It is highly recommended to read this first.



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My name is Simran and I’m twenty-four years old. I’m from a small city in India with big dreams. I have always been into reading romance novels and somewhere along the way, I had an urge to write my own book one day and it finally happened. It still feels unbelievable and gives me the greatest joy in the world. Other than reading, I also enjoy binge-watching Netflix and listening to music which also plays a huge role in my writing.


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