Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Cover Re-Reveal: Breeze of Life by Kirsty Dallas


Title: Breeze of Life
Author: Kirsty Dallas
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Friends to Lovers/Sports Romance
Cover Design: Kirsty Dallas
Release Date: March 17, 2014


Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep, that such intense sorrow could steal her away from everything she knew and loved. She was now a shell of the woman she once was, and all it had taken was one little word, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Breeze out of the darkness. Harper and Bree had been best friends since childhood, and what began as a teenage crush, quickly became something much deeper. Determined to show Breeze the beauty in life, no matter how long or short it might be, Harper takes Breeze on the road trip of a lifetime.

Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows.



*If you already have Breeze of Life on your ereader you DO NOT need to purchase again. Simply sync your device and download the new version.


Just a girl who likes to write and stuff.

Kirsty Dallas is an internationally acclaimed, bestselling author residing in the picturesque Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.

Known for her unflinching honesty and masterful character development, Kirsty Dallas weaves stories that delve deep into unsettling themes, skillfully infusing heart-stopping action and a whirlwind of emotions into the pages of her books.

Kirsty's talent extends beyond the written word. She collaborated with renowned Australian director and screenwriter, Chris Sun, serving as a script editor and advisor on the horror feature film, "Boar," a chilling cinematic experience that was signed to Universal Pictures Australia and released to critical acclaim in 2018. Her commitment to the art of storytelling led her to further script editing roles, including Brendan Byrne's haunting thriller, "Our Social Playground," and co-writing "The Possessed," a globally-released sensation in 2022. Kirsty's latest cinematic endeavor, "Dark Moon," sees her once again contributing as a script editor and advisor, as it gears up for pre-production.

Kirsty continues to captivate readers and filmmakers alike with her passion for storytelling, promising more thrilling tales and cinematic adventures on the horizon.


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