Thursday, April 4, 2024

Release Blitz: Lady Luck by Lane O'Neil


Title: Lady Luck
Author: Lane O'Neil
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: He Falls First, Hurt/Comfort
Release Date: April 4, 2024


Fortune may favor the bold, but lately, it hasn’t favored Bree Faust.

Raised in the neon-lit embrace of Fortuna Casino & Resort, Bree is a twenty-two-year-old with more than a smattering of freckles and a sense of loyalty that runs deep. When change is thrust upon her again, she finds herself at a major crossroads and is torn between embracing her legacy as Lady Luck or drawing a card for a new life filled with unknowns.

Enter Vinh Lott, a twenty-nine-year-old with a fierce protective streak and a heart scarred by fire. A reserved software engineer moonlighting at his parents’ new restaurant, Vinh is the steady rock Bree never knew she needed. When fate brings them together in the chaos of the casino, Bree faces the biggest gamble of her life—trusting Vinh to be both her anchor and safe harbor in the greatest storm she has ever faced.

As obstacles loom, from Bree’s demanding grandmother, the return of an antagonistic former friend, and the temporary nature of Vinh’s stay on the coast, their love story unfolds against the glittering backdrop of a casino resort. Will Bree and Vinh beat the odds, or will they lose it all in the grand game of love?



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Lane O’Neil is a former enneagram Type 2 and current enneagram Type 9 (Cancer sign, if you must know) who loves change. You can just ask her husband—who is asked to rearrange their living room furniture every seven business weeks—to verify that statement.

Born, raised, and forever resident of Atlanta-ish, Georgia, she loves egg rolls, blankies, and her four dogs—a feisty mutt and three pitties, or “senior pitizens.”

Lane rekindled her love of reading during the tumultuous, emotional trench warfare time of her life known as the postpartum period after she had her first and only son in 2021.

That renewed spark led her to link up with indie authors as an alpha and beta reader, which eventually led to a crazy idea—one that had never once crossed her mind before.

What if she tried to write something?

Once her mortifying flashback to completing the writing portion of her SATs in 2009 was done and she took a shower to wash off the nervous sweats, she opened a document and began writing.


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