Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reading, Cooking, oh my!!

I posted the other day what that I won an Amazon gift card and asking for some help.  I posted some books I was thinking of getting with it.  

I took me a few days to decide what I wanted to get.  I knew I wanted a few romance books, but I needed to get some Gluten-Free cookbooks and books.  I was told to start cooking/baking like I did before my Celiac Disease.

I brought these books so far: 
1. Third Time Lucky (#1 in Coxwell Series- I have #2 &#3). 
2. All of Nothing (#4 in Coxwell Series) by Claire Cross.  
4. The G-Free Diet: A G-Free Survival Guide by Elisabeth Hasselback 
5. Against All Grains by Danielle Walker  
6. Some Kind of Wonderful by Maureen Child 
7. Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins
8. The Next Rancher by Susan Mallery
9. Wife in Disguise by Susan Mallery
10. Unexpectedly Expecting! by Susan Mallery 

I already read The G-Free Diet: A G-Free Survival Diet by Elisabeth Hasselback.  I checked it out from my local library as an e-book.  I loved it a lot and decided I had to get it.  I also already read Elisabeth Hasselback's cookbook, too, as a library e-book.  Again I knew I wanted to get it.

I also brought this one, Gluten-Free Diet - A Comprehensive Resource Guide Revised and Expanded Edition (Celiac Disease Books), but I could not get it on Amazon because it was 2 times the price there.  So, I got it from the Gluten Free Mall, but it is not listed on the site right nowMy account says it was delivered today, but it is not here yet.  

I will get cooking once I have read my new cookbooks!  What will be my first meal I make?  I can not wait.  Maybe we will all go Gluten-Free.  I want to make a dessert or 2 for Thanksgiving.  My turkey recipe is from another cookbook I want to try as long as I do it the G-Free way.


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