Saturday, November 9, 2013

What are you reading?

What are you reading?  What does reading do for you?  
Those are the 2 questions I would love for you to comment.  

I am reading several books right now:
1. The Newcomer by Robyn Carr
I love this series, Thunder Point.  It is a great community with characters I have fallen in love with.

2. Four Little Blessings by Merrillee Whren
Cassie is raising her 4 nieces and nephew.  Great storyline.

3. Too Good to be True by Kristan Higgins
I am only a little into this book.  No opinions yet.

4. Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery
I am a huge Susan Mallery fan.  I am reading this book slowly so I can find the hidden phrases that was put into this book!

5. Sanctuary Cove by Rochelle Alers
I have not started to read this book yet, but it is on my next to be read as long as I can get there before it expires from my library.

I will be reviewing The Newcomer and The Wanderer both by Robyn Carr.  I just finished The Wanderer a little bit ago.  Liked it!! I love series.

Reading takes me away from the stress of my life.  It transports me into the town of the story.  I can see the ocean like in The Newcomer or the town in Christmas on 4th Street. 

Sorry that I have been away.  I was pretty sick this summer and needed to get myself better.  I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  

Happy Reading!

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