Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Rain Street

For this review, I chose Rain Street by T.J. West.  This book is a part of a series called Rain.  Book #1 is called November Rain and Book #2 is called Purple Rain. 

I received a copy of the ebook for a honest review of this book.

Here is a brief description from Goodreads:
Words can hurt. Words can do all sorts of things to a persons mind: self doubt, low self esteem, self conscious, self hate, depression. 
It can change who you are and what you used to be. 
On the outside, Beth Winters is proper, stoic, chic, and beautiful, yet on the inside she is shy, hesitant, self conscious and deeply torn - torn from her abusive marriage - therefore, believing in herself again will take a very special man to help her find her way back. 

Blaine Sullivan was physically abused as a kid; stepping out of line with his father always had him end up with a busted rib or a blow to the face. He wasn’t about to let the history of his abuse change who he was - he would better himself for his son, Joey, and be the father he deserved. Furthermore, finding a woman who would love him is something Blaine thought he could never achieve - until Beth ran into him. 

Two abused souls, who discover each other on one unexpected night should bring them a happily ever after - yet will they be strong enough to get past their haunted memories and move forward with one another? 

I love this book.  Beth is a strong woman who has gone through a lot in her life.  Blaine had a bad childhood full of abuse from his own father.  Will they overcome somethings so they can be happy together.

  In this book, we learn about some of the other characters from the first 2 books.  I love reading series because we sometimes find out what other characters from previous books are up to.  I think I read about 4 surprises in this book.  

I love that this book talked about Soul Mates.  My favorite quote that Beth is thinking is "They inspire me to believe that anything is possible." (pg 58 Ebook)  
This book was amazing.  I could not stop reading it.  I highly recommend this book!  

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend this book? Yes! Author? Yes!
Would I read more from this author? Yes!

Happy Reading!
Review coming next: A View to a Nerd by Chris Redding

FTC Disclosure: The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased the book with my own funds.  The opinion I share about the story are mine and have not been influenced by the The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company if received for review.

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