Monday, May 11, 2015

Review: Stay with Me

For this review, I chose Stay With Me by Reana Malori.  I have read other books by this author.

I received a copy of the ebook for a honest review of this book.

Here is a brief description from Goodreads:
Keisha Gaines has been in love with Greg Jordan for more than four years. Unfortunately for her, he has always seen her as only a friend. However, once Keisha decides to move on with her life, without Greg, he realizes what has been in front of him all these years. Greg will have to make sure he does everything in his power to keep Keisha by his side and prove his love for her.

Wow, what a sweet romance.  Once again, I loved this book by Reana!! Keisha finally decided to give up on Greg so she decided to move on with her life.  Why is it that man can be so unaware of things around them unless we are not playing attention to them? 

This books makes me realize (once again) that I am lucky that I have my husband, Shawn, in my life.  We have been through a lot, but we are stronger together than we are apart.  I hope one day our kids have the kind of love we have.  Shawn was a blind date.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I did not think he was The One on our first date.  We doubled with a girlfriend of my and her boyfriend, who is friends with Shawn.  But, a month later, I called Sandy to get another date organized.  I was wanting to go out with him again.

Before the book became, it had this quote that I love: 

"When you least expect it, something can trigger a memory ... a song, a smell, a sound ..."

How true this is.  Every time I smell a cherry tomato, I am transported back in time when I was a kid in my grandmother's garden helping her pick cherry tomatoes, green beans, corn, and anything else she wanted picked.  These memories warms my heart.  You see, I lost my grandma at the age of 100 in October, 2013.  Her garden was her proud and joy. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.
Would I recommend this book? Yes! Author? Yes!
Would I read more from this author? Yes!

Happy Reading!
Review coming next: The Dead Man's Treasure by Kris Bock

FTC Disclosure: The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased the book with my own funds.  The opinion I share about the story are mine and have not been influenced by the The Publisher/Author/Book Tour Company if received for review.

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