Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Q&A: Love Blooms on Main Street

Before we go into the Q&A with Olivia Miles, I wanted to tell you about the author herself.

Olivia Miles is a Chicago-based romance writer. Having grown up in New England, Olivia attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec before settling in Chicago where she lives with her husband, their daughter, and two ridiculously pampered pups.

When she is not chasing after her little ones, she is hard at work creating feisty heroines and alpha heroes with a heart. A city girl with a fondness for small-town charm, Olivia enjoys highlighting both ways of life in her stories.

Here is the Q&A that you have been waiting for:


     1. Series are a favorite of my and I love reading about a small town where everyone knows everything and helps each other. How did you come up with the town of Briar Creek? Your characters?

I also love reading books and watching shows set in small towns, usually because of the picturesque settings and the intricate story lines. I wanted Briar Creek to feel much the same: cozy, quaint, and full of drama. I came up with the original three Madison sisters, and it sort of went from there. 

2. Besides series being a favorite, I love when the setting is different from what I normally read. Is there a town that you visited in Vermont that was your idea for Briar Creek?

Yes, I grew up in New England and we were always taking weekend trips to various towns. Briar Creek was inspired by my distant memories Woodstock, Vermont, which I’d love to visit again someday!

3. How many books will be in the Briar Creek series?

The fifth book in the Briar Creek series will follow this one. CHRISTMAS COMES TO MAIN STREET releases at the end of September, and it’s one I am really excited about.

4. Do you have a new series coming? If yes, what and how did you come up with it?

Yes, my next series will release in the summer of 2017. It’s set in the fictional seaside town of Misty Point, Rhode Island. I wanted to take a little departure my other books and set a book by the water, while maintaining that small town charm.

I hope you enjoyed the Q&A with Olivia Miles.

Ms Olivia Miles, 
Thank you for allowing me the honor to have this Q&A.  I love reading about small towns.  I love the idea that everyone knows everyone and they help when you need it. I am looking forward to your new series and will be looking for it in 2017.
Happy Reading!

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