Friday, September 2, 2022

Release Boost: Manifesting Desire by Vida Escobar


Title: Manifesting Desire
Author: Vida Escobar
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: August 30, 2022



When my abuelo ran the family, the name Guerrera became the most feared in Miami. Now that I'm in charge, I plan to rule with the same iron fist. I'm as ruthless as he was, so it comes as a shocked when I discover that there's a traitor in my midst; someone who thinks they can get rid of me. Now my bodyguard won't leave my side. It annoys me at first -- I don't need a babysitter -- but then I get an idea. A crazy good idea.


Amelia has been under my skin for years. Her bloodthirsty nature in that unbelievable body? It's a combination I've never been able to ignore. So when someone makes a move to destroy her, I'll admit, I go a little overboard. And when she asks me to marry her so she can collect her grandmother's inheritance, I can only say yes. Our relationship is a roller coaster, she frustrates me to no end, and we burn hot and volatile together. The only problem? I want out of the life, and I want to take Amelia with me.



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Vida Escobar is an emerging independent author of contemporary dark romance. She was born in Cuba and came to the United States when she was ten years old. She learned to write and speak English by reading the Percy Jackson Series, House of Night, and many other Young Adult books, which is how she first discovered her love for getting lost in new and wonderful worlds. These days Vida prefers her characters morally grey, and her romance with enough spice to have you blushing.

Vida currently lives in Miami with her two puppies, Toby and Luna, who are her entire world. When she’s not reading or writing she likes cooking, kayaking, and dancing the Miami heat away.


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