Thursday, August 25, 2022

Release Blitz: Week #3 The Zodiac Collection


Titles: Virgo ~ Pisces ~ Leo ~ Aquarius
Series: The Zodiac Collection
Week #3 Authors: Crystal Burnette, Kristi Lynn, Anjelica Grace, Emma Jayne Mills
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 25, 2022

I have a plan for my life and Sullivan Roth is not part of it, even if he is a world-famous athlete.
Playing by my own rules and doing things my way have made me one of the leading pediatric specialists in the country. I refuse to allow his hazel eyes and dimpled smile to tempt me.
Until one night, everything changes.

While celebrating our best friends’ engagement and my team’s greatest victory, the normally uptight Dr. Macey Lindmark decides to throw her carefully laid plans out the window for a night of fun between the sheets with me.
I knew it was just a one-time thing, but waking up alone after our passionate night together stings in a way I wasn’t prepared for. But when an emergency pulls Macey back into my orbit, I know it’s our second chance, and I’m willing to do anything to make her see things my way.
I may not be a part of Macey’s plans, but I’m determined to show her that sometimes the best things in life are the ones you don’t see coming.

Getting divorced is never fun. Losing the house, you’re set to move into days before the closing, is most definitely not enjoyable.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I’m temporarily left without a home. With no other option, my last resort is to move into my brother’s place, until I secure one of my own. The problem: he shares that space with my ex-boyfriend, his best friend, Micah.

Once upon a time, Micah was also my best friend. He was family. He was my forever. Until he wasn’t any of those things. I thought our fate was written in the stars long ago. However, being forced to be close to Micah has me questioning feelings I thought no longer existed. Can love make more sense the second time around?

Out of all the men in the world, why did I have to fall for the one who’s forbidden?

Don’t answer. That’s a rhetorical question.
Owen Calvert is everything: frustratingly gorgeous, a lauded hockey legend. One of the most brilliant sports agents to ever negotiate a deal.

A hockey player. The one profession my father forbade me to mix business and pleasure with.

The man in my bed.

We sneak around, slipping in and out of each other’s lives in secret. I can’t risk my father’s fury, and Owen’s career could be in jeopardy if we were caught. Yet, here we are, night after night, unable to stay away from one another.

Will I be able to resist the intoxicating Leo? Or will our love affair be put on ice?

A sports agent and an owner’s daughter share a forbidden, secret relationship in this steamy hockey novella from author Anjelica Grace.

"I need a bodyguard."

Words I never thought I'd say. Then the hatemail and death threats started.

Cut to me - Constance Greene, introverted, awkward, quite happy in my own company, thank you very much - holed up in a remote location, with my steely eyed protector, while the police hunt for my stalker and I write my next novel.

I know what you're thinking. Idyllic setting, book boyfriend muse to hand. What more could a romance author ask for? Did I mention there's only one bed?

It's all going smoothly until I ask him to help me write the first kiss scene ...


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