Friday, February 28, 2014

Reading Review- The Wishing Tree

For this review, I chose The Wishing Tree by Marybeth Whalen.  I loved the description I read after searching through a local library's ebooks.  I loved this book because it deals with forgiveness.  I think it is better to forgive than to be angry.  It takes up more energy to be angry than to forgive.  I think you are thinking about the situation and that takes energy.

Description from Goodreads:
Ivy Marshall, a savvy, determined woman, finds out her husband has cheated on her on the same day her sister’s perfect boyfriend proposes on national television. When Ivy’s mother asks her to return to her family’s beach home to plan her sister’s upcoming wedding, she decides to use the excuse to escape from the pain of her circumstances.
When her return to Sunset Beach, North Carolina, brings her face to face with her former fianci, old feelings rise to the surface and she wonders if there is a future for them. However, her husband has started tweeting his apology to her and doesn’t want to give up on their marriage. As she helps prepare the wishing tree for her sister’s wedding, she must examine her own wishes for the future and decide what love should be…..

I am going to do this review differently since their was Discussion Questions in the book of the book.  I am not answering every question, but the ones that were in my favorite part of the book.  If you want to see the other questions, please read the book and see them at the end of the book.  Thanks.

Reading Group Guide:
1. Ivy doesn't want to be alone.  Do you think her interest in Michael is fueled by that fear or real feelings?
I think Ivy's interest in Michael is fueled by the fear of being alone.  I also think it has to do with how hurt she is plus she is questioning her decision all those years ago. 

2. Can you draw a parallel between the wishing tree and Ivy's marriage to Elliott?
 Back when Ivy married Elliott, they eloped.  Ivy didn't have a Wishing Tree.  I think Ivy is sad that no one ever wrote down their wishes for her and Elliott and she is thinking what would those wishes be for them.  

3. Was Ivy right to give Elliott another chance? Why or why not?
I am not so sure about this question.  Every person is different.  I think Elliott learned a hard lesson and will not do it again, but part of me wonders the what if.  I had a friend that her husband to be cheated on her.  Their son was young.  He left my friend for her and eventually married her.  I knew with him that he was not going to pick my friend.  

4. Was Michael right to keep his distance from Ivy? Why do you think would've happened if he hadn't?
I think Michael was right for keeping his distance from Ivy.  I think Michael did not want to go through losing her again.  If Michael did not keep his distance, I think Michael would be hurt in the end.

5. The Wishing Tree is a story about forgiveness.  Name the people Ivy had to offer forgiveness to through the course of the story and, if you're comfortable, share a forgiveness story from your own life.
Ivy had to offer forgiveness to Michael, Owen, her sister, Shea, and herself for what she did all those years ago.

6. How does the last sentence of the book parallel to Ivy's prayer on the beach when she first arrives at Sunset?  What does that last sentence mean to you?
The last sentence means to me is that she is ready to be alone and completely content with it.  

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the Discussion questions.  I would love to read your answers so we can chat about the book.  Let me know if you read this book and what you think of it.

Happy Reading!!