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Cover Share: Winning Play by Robyn M. Ryan

Winning Play by Robyn M. Ryan releases on March 26th!

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Author Robyn M. Ryan delivers a light and fresh sports romance where a fake relationship fails into a happily ever after.

When Tampa Suns star David Martin welcomes his younger sister to Tampa to attend grad school, he doesn’t know she left behind a messy breakup with a manipulative ex. Relieved to be thousands of miles away, Kim seeks to find herself again by completing a challenging one-year degree program. And swearing off relationships.

Haunted by making the final out in college baseball’s National Championship, captain Chatham “Spence” Spencer commits to another season, bypassing the MLB draft. The charismatic All-American shortstop vows to lead the team to a second chance at the national title—and take the extra classes needed to graduate. He has no time for extracurricular activities despite the attention of the many who hope to score a date with the popular athlete.

But when Kim literally trips over Spence at a game, they both experience an attraction they’ve never felt before. They agree to stay just friends - without benefits. But when Kim’s ex shows up, and Spence steps forward to declare that they’re in a relationship, lines start to blur.

When ambitions collide with matters of the heart, Spence and Kim must determine what it truly means to win. Can either deliver a winning play that ensures the other’s success, even if it means sacrificing personal happiness?

WINNING PLAY includes a protective older brother (who happens to be a professional Hockey Player), a manipulative ex, and a fake relationship that fails into a happily ever after.

The perfect read for fans of light and fresh sports romances.

Release Blitz: The Stand In by T.K. Rapp


Title: The Stand In
Series: Olde City #1
Author: T.K. Rapp
Genre: Clean Contemporary Romance
Trope: Fake Boyfriend
Release Date: February 29, 2024


Coming face to face with a vicious looking dog named Peggy, isn’t how Becca expected to meet her new landlord, who also happens to be her very sexy new neighbor.

Becca Patterson is a successful photographer with a string of happy clients, including her BFF who is about to get married. Realizing she can’t be both the maid of honor and the photographer, she enlists the help of her assistant to take the lead. She thinks it’s all figured out until her very pregnant assistant is put on bedrest and can’t help on the wedding day.

Evan Wallace has just taken over management of the building Becca lives in, and despite his initial hesitance over fulfilling family obligations, things start to look up when he meets the beautiful tenant from apartment 302.

After a rocky start, no thanks to Peggy, Evan and Becca end up forming an unlikely friendship in more ways than one.

When they do each other a favor and pretend to be dating in the presence of their exes and family, it’s clear not only are they lying to everyone, but they’re also lying to themselves. Now their friends and family think they’re together, and they’re playing along.

But this can only end one way…


Portions of this story were previously published as the short story Opening Up in the One More Step Anthology by The Bookworm Box.




T.K. Rapp is a Texas girl born and raised. She earned a B.A. in Journalism from Texas A&M and it was there that she met the love of her life. After seven years accompanying him via the U.S. Navy, they finally came back home to Texas.

Now, officially empty nesters, her time is spent with her husband and fur babies, visiting her daughters, spending time with family, or traveling. With more time to herself, she can listen to those voices who so badly want their stories told.

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Release Blitz: The Space Between Us by Melanie Summers


Title: The Space Between Us
A Romantic Comedy
Series: Braniacs in Love
Author: Melanie Summers
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Tropes: STEM Romance/Billionaire
Enemies to Lovers/Forced Proximity
Release Date: February 29, 2024


Love just might be the final frontier…

S.E.T.I. researcher, Gwen Fox, is a woman on a mission—to answer the cosmic question of the ages: Are we alone?

Along with her work family, Gwen is perfectly happy spending her days listening for extraterrestrial signals— until the worst happens. They get word that they’re about to be shut down by Ty Sterling, their billionaire backer whose heart is as cold as interstellar space.

About to lose everything, Gwen has no choice but to travel to Peru to change his mind. Armed only with scientific zeal and optimism, Gwen faces off against Ty, who just might be the most stubborn, cynical man in the galaxy.

As the tension between the pair builds, so does the undeniable chemistry that neither of them saw coming. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Peruvian jungle, the space between enemies and lovers begins to collapse.

Will Gwen and Ty discover that together they form a supernova of passion? Or will their budding relationship crash and burn on impact?

*** The Space Between Us is a swoony, adventure-filled, delightfully funny tale of a woman who will do anything to save her job and the stubborn billionaire who dared to get in her way. It’s a standalone rom-com with a little more spice than a regular Melanie Summers book. ***



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Releasing June 6



Melanie Summers is a multi-award-winning, Amazon best-selling author of romantic comedies and women’s fiction. She’s written over thirty books for people who have 'had it up to here' with the real world and need to laugh, feel good, and sigh happily. When she’s not writing or reading, she's usually out for a walk with her two adorable dogs, hanging out on the beach with her husband and their three teenagers, or curled up on the couch for family movie night. Melanie resides on Vancouver Island, Canada where her life goal is to become one of those fabulous people who take daily ice baths in the ocean. So far, she can get in up to her ankles, which is not awful, thank you very much.


Cover Reveal: My Dark Desire by L.J. Shen & Parker S. Huntington


L.J. Shen, Parker S. Huntington have revealed the covers for My Dark Desire!


Releasing March 10, 2024

From Wall Street Journal bestsellers Parker S. Huntington and L.J. Shen comes a tantalizing forbidden romance between a broken Prince Charming and a disgraced Cinderella.

The task was simple.

Sneak into Potomac’s most heavily guarded manor.

Steal back my pendant. Slip out.

Problem number one?

America’s most unattainable bachelor caught me.

Problem number two?

He decided to keep me. As the help.

Zachary Sun’s winter may be the coldest I’ve ever felt,

but he makes my skin burn.

Reserved, calculated, and savagely cruel,

he thrives on the weaknesses of others.

Little does he know, he just met his match.

He may be American royalty.

But this peasant will rise to become Queen.

Preorder your copy today!



Meet L.J. Shen

L.J. Shen is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of contemporary, new adult, and young adult romance. Her books have been translated in over twenty different countries, and she hopes to visit all of them.

She lives in Florida with her husband, three rowdy sons, and even rowdier pets. She enjoys good wine, bad reality TV shows, and reading to her heart's content., Parker S. Huntington is a stay-at-home dog mom from SoCal, where she discovered her allergy to rain. In spite of her shoddy attendance record and strong aversion to homework, she earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside and an A.L.M. in Literature from Harvard. When she's not writing or exchanging food pics with her friends, she's binge-watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix while curled up with her dogs.

Meet Parker S. Huntington

Parker hates talking about herself and is (also) allergic to social media, but you can catch up with her in her newsletter at Occasionally, she'll post a TikTok video, which you can find at @parkershuntington.


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Release Blitz: Down Broken Lane by Amber Hart


DOWN BROKEN LANE by Amber Hart is now live!

Camille Ray only has three rules:
One, never let them find you.
Two, cover all tracks.
Three, don't ache for another man again.

Camille is desperate to sever ties to the city she narrowly escaped, even if that means moving to the middle of nowhere. With a forged identity and a fresh start, she's determined to lead a quiet life. Which means keeping her distance from her new neighbor. The very furthest thing from her mind is indulging in her taste for dangerous, handsome men.

Dawson McGill is on the run and in need of a place to stay. A haven cut out of the Smoky Mountains in a small, North Carolina town seems as good a refuge as any to lay his demons to rest.

But Camille and Dawson have more in common than their first encounter suggests. When both of their pasts come storming back into their lives, they must acknowledge the repercussions of every lie they ever told. Or reap the deadly consequences.

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Meet Amber Hart

Amber Hart is the author of many romance novels for teens and adults, including the Before and After series, the Untamed series, Wicked Charm, and more. She lives on the Florida coastline with her husband and sons. 


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Release Blitz: Midnight's Pawn by Heather Greye


Midnight's Pawn by Heather Greye is now live!

In a future where corporations rule the world, a woman desperate to be free must escape a powerful company. Her only ally? A man whose quest for vengeance sets her firmly in his sights.
All Dizzie ever wanted was to be free. When her midnight delivery turns out to be anything but routine, she's thrust into a nightmare that could cost her everything. Unable to trust her friends and running from her employer, she has nowhere to turn.
Killian St. John, a wealthy playboy, escaped that night with his life. His best friend didn't. Wild with grief, he wants answers. Answers he believes the pretty little courier he flirted with at the gala can provide.
Proving her innocence may be easier with Killian's help, but it won't be less dangerous. Sparks fly as they work together to separate friend from foe. As they get closer to the shocking truth, Dizzie and Killian must fight for her freedom, his justice, and their love.

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Meet Heather Greye

Once she stopped being stubborn and learned to read, Heather always had a book in her hand. Or in her bag. Or under the pillow.

Anne McCaffrey, Nora Roberts, Agatha Christie, and Tamora Pierce. Heather devoured anything and everything, from sci-fi and fantasy novels to historical romance and Harlequins. Her favorites, though, were the stories that combined swoony romance with fantastic adventures.

Now she creates her own worlds and plays "what if...?"

Heather lives in Seattle with her husband and two cats. When she's not writing, she's reading, traveling, trying a new recipe, or enjoying a quiet cup of tea.


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