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Release Blitz: The Beginning of Forever by Heidi McLaughlin


Title: The Beginning of Forever (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation Book 6) 

Author: Heidi McLaughlin 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Date June 30, 2024

Peyton Westbury is determined to make her dreams of motherhood come true, even as she faces the physical and emotional toll of the IVF process. With hormonal ups and downs and the strain it places on her relationship with her husband Noah, Peyton must find the strength to persevere.

 Meanwhile, Noah Westbury, a talented quarterback facing trade rumors and uncertainty about his future, grapples with the pressure of his growing family. As the offers from other teams pour in and the waiting game continues with his current team, Noah finds himself questioning his career and the impact it has on his marriage.

 Amidst the difficulties, Peyton and Noah find solace in their close knit family, and their unwavering support, they discover the power of love and the importance of being there for one another.


Peyton finally opens her baby blues. They sparkle as she looks at me. Another smile, a wider one this time, spreads across her face. “You can’t wear those sweatpants to the clinic.”

I look down at them, looking for any stains or holes. “Why not?”

She laughs, stands, and stretches. Doing so highlights her figure. She used to be tiny, sometimes too thin, and she read that eating a balanced diet of whole grains, healthy fats, and proteins would help her body get ready for pregnancy. Honestly, I like not seeing her hip bones or her ribs showing.

Peyton turns, bends over, and looks at me through the space between her legs. The sight of her plump ass in those tight ass pants does something to me. I feel the stirring, the beginning throb of my growing erection. I clear my throat and change my stance.

She smirks and giggles. “That’s why,” she says. Peyton rights herself and comes toward me. “No one in the office needs to see what my husband’s packing.”


Heidi McLaughlin is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of The Beaumont Series, The Boys of Summer, and The Archers.

Originally, from the Pacific Northwest, she now lives in picturesque Vermont, with her husband, two daughters, and their three dogs.

In 2012, Heidi turned her passion for reading into a full-fledged literary career, writing over twenty novels, including the acclaimed Forever My Girl.

Heidi's first novel, Forever My Girl, has been adapted into a motion picture with LD Entertainment and Roadside Attractions, starring Alex Roe and Jessica Rothe, and opened in theaters on January 19, 2018, and is now available on DVD & Digital.

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Release Tour: Love On The Range: A Cowboy Romance Anthology



Love On The Range

 A Cowboy Romance Anthology 

The New Romance Café 

Collection Book 37


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Cowboy

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From Montana mountains to Southern plains, there’s nothing more romantic than a lonesome figure and the girl who can tame a wild heart…or is it the other way around? 

From mountain men to wild child women and snowed in cabins, read these stories of courageous hearts fighting for each other through harsh odds…and always finding each other.

Participating Authors:

Wynter Ryan

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TB Mann

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S L Hollister

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Chele MacCabe

Francis Black

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Annee Jones

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Sofia Aves

Anna Allen

Ellis Worth

Gabbi Powell

T S Simons

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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Release Blitz: Hold Me Until Morning by A.L. Jackson


Hold Me Until Morning by A.L. Jackson is now live! 

I should have known I’d be playing with fire when I found the sexy as hell woman moving in next door...

It was pouring rain, so I figured the neighborly thing to do would be to lend a hand.

I nearly dropped to my knees when I realized who she was.

Hailey Wagner.

It’s been six years since I’ve seen her, and she’s always been the one person on earth who is off limits.

My past sins I’ve kept like an ugly secret made sure of that.

Too bad this single mom with the soulful eyes still makes my pulse speed the way it did back then, and I soon find our chemistry is just as strong.

When I find her ex threatening her, I insist on staying with Hailey and her little girl until I’m sure they’re safe.

I thought I could handle being under her roof. Only the tension between us strains, and with one forbidden kiss, all restraint is lost. We collide in a lightning bolt of greed, the two of us locked behind her door night after night.

Falling so hard I know there will be no coming back from it.

But being with Hailey exposes the past I’ve been trying to hide, and I’ll do anything to protect her from it. Because if I don’t? We’re both going to pay the consequences…

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Narrated by Erin Mallon & Stephen Dexter

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Meet A.L. Jackson 

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

If she's not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.


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Book Blitz: The Accidental Sereph by Maci Aurora


The Accidental Sereph
Maci Aurora
(Carran Hollow Fated Mate, #1)
Publication date: June 25th 2024
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

When Atlas Black, a bad boy with a reputation in Carran Hollow, walks into The Hole-in-the-Wall bar investigating a demon sighting, it’s mostly business as usual until he comes face-to-face with his calix—his fated-mate. Except Ivy Day, oblivious to the world of seraphs and demons, thinks she’s stranded in Carran Hollow because a stupid bus has broken down. She just needs a ride to get to the next bus in order to get to her sister across the country. While the guy in the bar hitting on her is hotter than any human has the right to be, unless he’ll give her a lift, she doesn’t have any patience for anything else. But little does she know, Atlas is about to take her on the ride of her life—that is, as long as they can get through the demons.

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[Rome] pulls his phone from his pocket and glances at it. “Bus coming into the Hollow.”

Samson and I groan. Buses mean tourists. Obnoxious tourists drag in the demon riff-raff hiding among them, and they aren’t usually the organized kind, but rather the fledgling demons or the deserters attached to the taedae, unsighted humans.

“Not it,” Samson says.

“How’s that injury?” Rome asks me.

“Not an injury,” I repeat. “How many times do I have to say it?”

Rome looks me over, eyes narrowed, as if he can see beyond my skin and bones. “Fine,” he relents. “You go into town. Wait for the bus to roll in, see if any demons have hitched a ride.” He points at me. “But don’t engage, not without backup.”

I’m already walking over to the cabinet, pulling on my harness, sliding a sharpened dagger into a sheath, along with another into my boot. “Me? Engage?” I glance at my bow but leave it, knowing I probably won’t need it. Those off the bus are rarely difficult to dispatch. I glance at Rome with a smile. “Never.”

Samson laughs.

I shrug into my black leather jacket and grab my helmet before I’m out the door, headed for the heart of town. After driving past Lowry’s Gas and Sundries, where the bus stops, and seeing the hulking, metal can is already empty, I ride down Main. I park my bike, cross to the other side, and duck into The Hole in the Wall, a small bar sandwiched between a diner called The Getaway, and a witchy souvenir shop that sells Carran Hollow guidebooks. One of these three establishments is often the first stop for tourists, and thereby their parasitic demons, when they reach town.

My eyes adjust to the dark. There’s an older guy playing guitar near the door. The shiny wooden bar is on the left and runs the length of the room. There are a few people lined up along the counter, atop barstools. Booths—mostly empty—line the right wall, and in between is a stretch of space big enough to walk between the two. I’ve been here before. I have been in every single shop in Carran Hollow, every single home—though the owners haven’t known I was there. The Hollow is my town.

The locals glance at me then look away, giving me a wide berth. They might know me. They might know I’m a Black. If they don’t, they feel it—that sensation skittering across their skin telling them danger is near. That’s all that’s needed.

Author Bio:

Romance author.

Lover of stories.

Maci Aurora has been writing stories since she was a child. When she was eleven, she fell in love with reading Sunfire Historical Romances about girls who made a difference in their lives and still fell in love. In high school, a friend introduced her to Lavyrle Spencer and Judith McNaught, and from there, her writing journey was cemented in telling stories about love. Having already published many novels (all of which are threaded with romance as upper YA and New Adult titles) under the pen name, CL Walters, Maci Aurora wanted to write stories that offered the same attention to story and characters but with additional steam.

Maci writes in Hawaiʻi where she lives with her husband, their children, and their fur-babies.

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Release Blitz: Cunning Vows by T.L. Smith and Kia Carrington-Russell


Title: Cunning Vows
Series: Lethal Vows
Authors: T.L. Smith and Kia Carrington-Russell 
Genre: Dark Romance
Tropes: Enemies-to-Lovers, Bad Girl/Bad Boy, Obsessed MMC, Strong FMC, Touch her and die vibes, He falls first
Release Date: June 28, 2024
Cover Design: RBA Design
Discreet Paperback Design: Hang Le

Cunning, lethal, and resilient were just a few words men have used to describe Anya Ivanov. While others would use words that are far worse. The head of questionable auctions just so happens to have the eye of a very ruthless businessman, River Bently.

River knew the moment he saw her, she was his. And he was more than patient to give her time to realize he was not going anywhere. Even if he was imposing on her territory, he was there to stay.

The only way to spend time with Anya is if you have the money to pay for her company.

He very much could.

He would pay her every last drop she demanded to be in the same room as the woman they are all afraid of. He does not see a woman who could cut him down to his knees. No, he sees a woman who he would gladly get on his knees for.

USA Today Best Selling Author T.L. Smith loves to write her characters with flaws so beautiful and dark you can’t turn away. Her books have been translated into several languages. If you don’t catch up with her in her home state of Queensland, Australia you can usually find her travelling the world, either sitting on a beach in Bali or exploring Alcatraz in San Francisco or walking the streets of New York.

Australian Author, Kia Carrington-Russell is known for her recognizable style of kick a$$ heroines, fast-paced action, enemies to lovers and romance that dances from light to dark in multiple genres including Fantasy, Dark and Contemporary Romance.

Obsessed with all things coffee, food and travel, Kia is always seeking out her next adventure internationally. Now back in her home country of Australia, she takes her Cavoodle, Sia along morning walks on beautiful coastline beaches, building worlds in the sea breezes and contemplating which deliciously haunting story to write next.