Friday, March 31, 2023

Release Blitz: Claimed by My Guardian by Ava Monroe


Title: Claimed by My Guardian
Series: Mated by the Mafia Series
Author: Ava Monroe
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2023

Sinners And Saints Go Hand In Hand,
But When They Fight, Only One Will Stand.

My parents kept me safe from the monsters lurking in the shadows.
I was their princess, given anything my heart desired.
But nothing they taught me could have prepared me to face this loss alone.
Until a handsome stranger knocks on my door and pulls me into a confusing, but comforting hug.
A savior at my door who promises to take care of me.
I’m absolutely terrified to leave the only home I’ve ever known.
He takes me away, hysterically kicking and screaming.
Leaving me to wonder if I’m really being saved after all.

I’m a sinner, too damned for redemption.
My soul is wicked, tarnished.
I have a dangerous mind, and I don’t suffer fools.
Ruthlessness courses through my DNA.
I’ve used my wit and brutal strength to take down my rivals, to decimate them without mercy.
Obsession rules my heart, so intense and consuming it leaves me weak, begging for more.
Unexpectedly, my innocent, youthful dove flew into a storm, and crashed into my lonely life.
She’s been sheltered, left innocent, vulnerable, and untouched.
Now, Mika is mine to protect, to cherish and to possess completely.
Whether she wants to be or not.

Author’s Note: Claimed by my Guardian is a dark mafia romance. It contains some dark themes, graphic violence, possible triggers and a possessive anti-hero who doesn’t follow the rules.

"Loved it-The author has given us a wonderful older man/younger woman story that pulls us into the lives of Arman and Mika. The story keeps us turning the pages with connection, vengeance, violence and steam." -C.J
"Arman and Mika-I liked this darkish insta-love forbidden age-gap romance. Arman and his "crew" made me laugh." -Bobcat
"The intense feelings between them was a highlight of this novella! I love how possessive Arman was. He didn't push her at all to become his- he just let it happen naturally, and I loved that. This novella was also ridiculously funny with several laugh-out-loud moments." -April is probably reading smut.

Ava Monroe is the writing team of Magnolia Montgomery and Alana Winters. They became good friends when they met at an author convention. Soon they were talking every day and working together. We hope you love our collaborations because we have so much fun bringing them to you.


Cover Reveal: Illusions Unveiled by Ayla Asher


Title: Illusions Unveiled
Series: Ardor Creek  Book 2
Author: Ayla Asher
Genre: Steamy Small Town Romance

Sometimes you squander all your second chances…

At the tender age of seven, Peter Stratford fell in love with the only woman who would ever claim his heart. But Carrie represented Ardor Creek, the town Peter detested. Determined to make something of himself in New York City, he leaves her behind, breaking both their hearts.

Carrie Longwood accepted that Peter would never love her enough to stay. Embracing her inner strength, she married another and had her precious boys before her messy divorce. Alone in Ardor Creek, she builds her life around her small family unit.

When Peter returns to Ardor Creek, battered and broken from addiction, he begins to heal, knowing Carrie will never forgive him. But Carrie kept her own secrets and, whether they’re ready or not, all of their illusions will be unveiled…

Welcome back to Ardor Creek! If you love second chance romance, this book is for you! The main character is a recovered addict whose addictions are discussed openly so please consider before reading. Enjoy!

Ayla Asher is the contemporary romance pen name for USA Today bestselling PNR author Rebecca Hefner. She loves a spicy, fast-paced contemporary romance and decided to share some of her contemporary stories too, hoping to spread a little joy one HEA at a time.

She would love to connect with you on social media, where she enjoys making dorky TikToks, FB/IG posts and fun book trailers!