Thursday, March 30, 2023

Release Blitz: Savage Prize by Hattie Jacks


Savage Prize by Hattie Jacks releases on March 30th!

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On a planet where there are no rules, she’s the prize, and he will claim her, no matter what the cost.

I know I’m not ever getting back to Earth, but I’d settle for escape from the cage I'm being kept in. Instead, I end up as a prize in an alien game where a golden eyed, horned alien lord is the winner.

The Remek Lords are notorious for their brutality. Vicious, dangerous and feral, I’m about to get up close and extremely personal with one of the most ferocious species in this galaxy.

Only Taborr is not what I was expecting at all. Aloof, passionate, dominant, he knows exactly what he wants.

His fated mate.


He’s been alone in his citadel for a long time and, despite his savage nature, he has needs I never would have expected from such a fearsome alien.

He needs hope, a future, a way of freeing his captured crew, of being whole again.

I’m not sure I can love a monster, even one who's vicious exterior hides the noble beast within. I've already had my world ripped apart once and if Taborr wants my heart, he's going to have to fight for it.

Savage Prize is the first in the Warriors of the Citadel series by USA TODAY bestselling author Hattie Jacks. A love story filled with spice, a lonely alien finding his fated mate and a human discovering escape is not the only option, this book will take you to the stars and back. For mature audiences only.

About the Author:

Hattie Jacks is a British author of steamy sci-fi romance. She loves to write about super hot alpha aliens and the feisty human ladies who are not prepared to accept their fate. Unless fate tells them to lose their hearts...

Hattie is the first to admit that her entire writing machine runs on tea. And cake, preferably together and preferably chocolate fudge (the cake, not the tea). She lives in a small corner of the British Isles with her husband and a striped cat shaped missile called Jimmy.

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