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Reading Challenges- Falling for Gracie

For this review, I chose Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery.  Ok, on Goodreads, I am in a Challenge to see how many Susan Mallery books I can read for the year.  Read about it here.  pg 379 

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!! 

This is my favorite Los Lobos book in the series.  Poor Gracie!   Not very good getting her way.  When Gracie was 14, she loved Riley so much.  She did things that now she may regret.  Everyone keeps reminding her of the past when she goes back to her hometown, Los Lobos, for her sister's wedding.

Here is an example of Gracie being reminded of her past:
"You were a testament to true love," Eunice told her. "You should be proud.  You loved that boy with all your heart and you weren't afraid to show it. That takes a special kind of courage." (page 6) Eunice was right.  It does take courage to show that you have a crush on someone at a young age. Eunice went down memory lane a little more.  She told her that she was "famous." page 7)  "Wilma's favorite is the time you nailed his girlfriend's doors and windows shut so she couldn't get out for their date." Eunice's "favorite is the time you laid down right in front of his car right there." (page 7)  

I think if Susan Mallery did not have Alexis ask Gracie to spy on her husband, Zeke, then Gracie would never had been caught spying in Riley's yard.  I love this quote that Gracie says to Alexis "This is insane," Gracie whispered to her sister as they paused to crouch a few feet from a back window. "I stopped spying on Riley when I was fourteen. I can't believe I'm doing this again."  (page 15)  The things we do for our sisters.  ;)   I would do anything for my sister.  What have you done for your sister?

Of course, Riley caught her.  Riley says to her "And we all know what happens when you Landon women set your mind to something." (page 30) Alexis is so determined to find out what is going on with her husband, but do you blame her?  What would you do if you were in her shoes?  I would spy, too.  Shhh, don't tell my husband!  I have a better digital camera, too.  A new lens that gets further!  hehe.  I would not have the flash one.

"I hate that everyone remembers it and talks about it.  The last thing I'm willing to do is fuel the fire." (page 49) Gracie talking to Jill, who we meet in Book #1.  Another example of her past coming back to bite her in the butt!

Franklin Yardley, the Mayor of Los Lobos, married to Sandra for 28 years.  Remember this when you read the book.  I do not like this man!!  There is a good quote for him, but I am not going to put it here.  It is on page 138 paragraph 3.  I can see you all with your books in your hands looking this up.  That is all I am going to say.  

How strange that Riley never met his uncle, but they lived in the same town for "nearly five years" (page 59), "but their paths had never crossed." (page 59)  Odd that Los Lobos being a small town that they never ran into each other! Riley really hates his uncle.  We found out about the conditions of the will in book #2 of this series.  

Riley confronting Zeke about what he is up to.  What is he doing at those hours?  I love what Riley says to Zeke "Your secret life.  You're disappearing at all hours and not telling your wife where you are, which is your business, but she came looking at my place because that's where you told her you were going to be, which makes it my business." (page 63) Zeke- "I'm not cheating on Alexis.  I would never do that.  I love her. "  He turned away.  "It's not that.  It's not anything that matters to you or the campaign."  (page 64)  I was thinking it had to do with the Mayor, but that would be dealing with the campaign right?  Maybe they have money problems?  He took another job?  Damn I am curious!!  When I got to the part where this is revealed & Riley demands to know, not what I thought it would be.  Not going to tell you! ha! 

A great Riley quote is "Great.  This is the perfect opportunity to round out your stalker past." (page 67) to Gracie.  I love it! Riley is teasing Gracie. Another great Riley quote is "I'm the one dining with a legend.  The infamous Gracie Landon who knows how to love with her whole heart." (page 91)  I love this Riley quote.  "You're not pathetic," he said. "No one thinks you are. If your mom is telling you that, she's wrong.  I don't know what bug got up her ass, but it's not your problem.  Understand?" (page 168)  I love it so much.  Bug up her ass.  lol.  =)  Riley is right.  She is not pathetic.  She was young & in love.  

Gracie has 2 sisters.  Alexis is the older sister & Vivian is the younger sister.  The one thing I learned about Vivian is I do not like her at all.  She is a spoiled brat.  I take notes when I am reading so I don't forget things.  I think I wrote spoiled & brat with Vivian many times.  Vivian says this "Why should I? You and Zeke eloped. Oh, and Gracie's never getting married, so why shouldn't all the money be spent on me?" (page 108)  She is something.  Isn't she?  She only thinks of herself.  Damn What about the rest of the family?  Gracie has plenty of time to get married.  All the money should not be spent on the spoiled brat. What Vivian said to Gracie was mean & uncalled for.  My favorite Alexis quote is "Always the baby of the family.  You're spoiled."  (page 109)  Vivian is only using Gracie for the cake.  I bet she does not even want her there.  Brat!  This was one stab to Gracie, but the other one came when she found out that Alexis was the maid of honor.  Vivian only wanted Alexis in her wedding party not Gracie.  I think Gracie is lucky not to deal with all the wedding crap that Vivian will dish out.  I think she will be happy in the end about it.  Vivian wants a huge cake, but does not care it would take weeks for Gracie to plan.  I am not going to say it.  I promise.  Even though I want to.

I feel sorry for Gracie about she "might technically be a member of this family, she wasn't in any other way." (page 110)  Gracie was talking to Riley.  "I'm telling myself I'll be fine, but so far I know i'm lying.  I'm not even a part of this family anymore.  She (Vivian) and Alexis are close." (page 115)  "None of this is my fault.  If I'm not a part of things, it's because my mother sent me away.  I never wanted to go." (page 115)  Why would a mother send her daughter away?  It was because she was crazy in love with Riley & would not leave him alone.  But, was there more to this?  I know this answer, but I am not going to tell you.  Read the book.  

I love how Gracie used  Good News, Better News, & Bad news to describe things in her life.  (page 132)
Good News- She completed all the dots & roses. 
Better News- The kiss was FABULOUS.
Bad news-She was tired.

I have not talked about Gracie's mother.  All she cares about is what other people think of her & her family.  I say who cares?  They don't matter.  Your family is what matters.  They are not in your house.  Your family is.  Please someone tell this mom this: Family first.  Her mother said this to her "It's been fourteen year.  I had with all the time away and some therapy that you'd get over him.  Obviously that hasn't happened." (page 140)  Her mother never once listened to what Gracie felt, thought, or believed her.  Gracie said "I've changed," she said quietly.  "If you'd spent any time with me in the past fourteen years, you would have known that.  Of course if I'd grown up here, I would have known that Alexis is a drama queen and not fallen in with her plans." (page 141)  Gracie has changed.  Alexis pulled her into her plan.  She did not want to do that, but she did it for her sister.  A sister does anything thing for her sister.  I love when the mother says "Now it's my fault.  That's so typical.  When in doubt, blame the mother." (page 141)  In this case, it is her mother's fault.  She sent Gracie away.  Gracie does not feel apart of the family.  She does not know her sisters.  No one know her.  Where was her mother when her Aunt & Uncle died?  Who took no time to get to know her?  This mother only wants what makes her look good in front of the town.  Her mother never had her come home for the holidays.  They never went to see Gracie on the holidays.  How mean!  I love how Gracie finally told her mother off.  It had to feel AWESOME.  It is a favorite quote of my, but it is long. (Go to page 205 last paragraph.  It goes into page 206)

I think when Mrs Baxter said "She (Vivian) and her boyfriend go at it like cats and dogs.  I don't give them a year.  Alexis is't much better.  Mark my words, Gracie, you're the best of the lot." (page 201) Gracie needed to hear some encouraging words from someone other than Riley.

I left out many things in my review on purpose.  It is good parts.  Very good parts.  Not going to tell you!  ha!  I love how this book ends & everything in the middle of it.  Gracie did changed.  I changed my opinion on her mother, too, from when I first read about her to the end of the book.  Her mother is making amends & that is great in my book! 

This book gets 5 stars!  I loved it.  It is my favorite of the Los Lobos series!  If you have not read this book or this series, I highly recommend it.
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P.S. Questions for you:
1. First time Riley was checking out Gracie? 
2. At what age did Gracie go live with her aunt & uncle?
3. Why did her mother send her to live with her aunt & uncle? 

4. Why is Riley running for Mayor?
5. Second thought about Gracie for Riley?
6.Who did Alexis think her husband was having an affair with?   

7.  Name the thing that thing that Riley & Gracie had in common. 
8. Name Riley's one rule.  
9.  How many tickets did Riley buy for the Historical Society Committee?
10.  Tell me who was the one who followed Gracie & Riley around, who did everything to Gracie & Riley.  Why?
11. What happened at the end of the book? 

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