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Reading Challenges-Sizzling

For this book review, I chose Sizzling by Susan Mallery.  It is a 4 book series.  It is about a family called Buchanan.

Each book is about a family member.  
Book #1 (Delicious) was about Cal Buchanan & his ex wife, Penny. 
 Book #2, Irresistible.  It is about Walker Buchanan, who we met in Book #1.
Book #3 (Sizzling) is about Reid Buchanan & the one nurse he hired for his grandmother, Gloria.  
Book #4 (Tempting) is about Dani Buchanan & about her fresh start. (review will be coming soon once I read it)

Spoiler Warning: If you have not read this book, stop!  Read the book before reading the rest of my review!!
We first met Lori Johnston in Irresistible when Reid Buchanan hired her as his grandmother's day nurse.  Lori did not allow Reid to get away with anything.  I think this is the reason that he hired her for his grandmother's day nurse so his grandmother would not get away with anything.

In the first 10 pages, we found out 2 things.  
1. A reporter claimed that Reid was not good in bed, but also that he "regularly blew off charity events and kids in need" (pg 7 e-book). 
2. "Reid Buchanan was everything she disliked in a man." (pg 10 e-book).  I love this sentence.  Remember this sentence for later in the book!!

One of my favorite quotes from this book is when Reid says to Lori "Annoying you is an unexpected bonus, but not the reason I'm here here.  My grandmother's coming home today." (pg 10 e-book).  lol.  They both loved to annoy each other.   Another one of my favorite quotes is after Lori meets Gloria for the first time.  She leaves the room to go to the nurses station, Vicki asks her opinion on Gloria Lori replies "I like her." (pg 16 e-book)  Her reason is "She's alone and in pain and scared." (pg 16 e-book)  Another favorite quote that Reid says is "You're drugging my grandmother?" (pg 17 e-book)  to Lori right before she takes Gloria home from the nursing home.  It made me laugh. Go read the book for her reply!  I love how Lori told Reid to go get his grandmother a lot of flowers in regular intervals.  

I felt sorry for Reid about the whole reporter mess & all the reporters following him, but he did put himself in that situation.  He slept with any woman, who offered.  He did not care about anyone.  We do learned more about why.  Read more about this in the book!  We do see Reid growing up in the book.  He is not the only one doing some growing or changing.  Gloria & him do some changing together.  

We learned a few things about Lori.  She is the only one that knew how to push Gloria's buttons! Love it!! Lori's sister, Madeline, is sick with a Hepatitis C & needs a liver transplant or she will die.  I love how Madeline is pushing her sister to live her life finally after all this time.  My favorite Madeline quote is this one: "You meet this great guy you can't stop thinking about and for reasons that make absolutely no sense, you walk away without even trying.  Does it ever occur to you that the best things in life require a risk? They don't just show up and shower you with everything you want." (pg 129-130 e-book)

Love the idea of the foundation that Reid!  This is a great idea.  There is a lot of kids that can not play sports because their parents can not afford to pay for their to play.  I know the old soccer team Noah played for had kids played even if they could not afford it.  They also gave their old soccer balls to Noah's old school!  They cared about the kids learning & playing soccer.  I will miss that soccer association.  Tomorrow I will be signing Noah up for the new soccer association in our new town!  

I love how the Buchanan's siblings comes together in a crisis.  That is all I am saying.  

Questions for you:
1.  If you were Dani, What would do you if you found out about Gary?  (not going to tell you about Gary)
2. Would you forgive Lori's mom that is now sober mom for a messed up childhood?
3. If you were Dani, would you forgive Gloria for being mean to her all those years & have a real relationship with her?
4.  Where did Dani' dream job?

I am not sure what I am reading next.  I need another Romance Book.  I hope you liked my Review of Sizzling!  Keep on Reading!

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