Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What are you reading? Part 3

I wanted to share this, too, from my old blog. 
See What Are You Reading Part 1 & Part 2

by Susan Mallery 

I just started this book on Sunday & I love it.  It is about a mother with a child that has a disease that is terminal.  She will do anything to save her child.  I finished it last night.

2. Only His (Fool's Gold #6)
I love love this series.  There are 8 books in this series, but more coming soon.  I love reading a book series. You get to know more about the characters in the books. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series.  I am not sure if I said it before or not. I want to move to Fool's Gold.Where is there a town like this?  Anyone?  Not sure if they get earthquakes or not. That would be a big thing for me. I would love to have help from the town's people. Being disabled, having a disabled daughter, a son with asthma, I could use some help at times. Not sure if I like the idea of everyone knowing everything.  

Here they are:
Chasing Perfect (#1)
Almost Perfect (#2)
Sister of the Bride (#2.5)
Finding Perfect (#3)
Only Mine (#4)
Only Yours (#5)
Only His (#6)
Only Us: A Fool's Gold Holiday (#6.5)
Summer Days (#7)- Comes out  June 2012
Summer Nights (#8)- Comes out July 2012 
All Summer Long (#9)- Comes out August 2012
A Fool's Gold Christmas (#10)- Comes out October 2012

                                                                               by Susan Mallery

I love this book.  I felt like the characters would believable.  What they were going through could happen in real life.  Penny was divorced for 3 years from her husband, Cal, but when he walked back into her life with this great opportunity to be his chef in the restaurant owned by his family, she knew she had to take the job.  I could picture having to deal with Gloria, the grandmother of Cal.  She treats her family so mean.  I hope she realizes that she should be nicer.

I love series.  I love how you learn more about the characters.  Each book is about an character.  Delicious is book #1 in the Buchanan series with Irresistible (#2), Sizzling (#3), & Tempting (#4).  I can not wait to read the rest in this series!!

3. Fools Rush In
Love this book. I think that Millie should had started running for herself not to impress Joe. I can not believe that Millie's older sister thought she could get Sam to take her back after leaving him for another man, going to New Jersey with him, then divorcing him. I think Sam made the right choice

4. There's Always Plan B (Harlequin Next #1)

5. The Creed Legacy (The Creed Cowboys #3)

Book #1 is "Creed's Honor"

What are you reading? 

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