Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reading Challenge: The Baby Bond

For this review, I chose The Baby Bond by Linda Goodnight.

Description from Goodreads:
Firefighter Nic Carano relishes his bachelor lifestyle. Then he loses his heart to a rescued baby. And when he meets the infant's lovely aunt--suddenly a mother--Nic starts considering love, marriage...and a baby carriage.

Yet Cassidy Willis isn't convinced. Nic's been a lifesaver with all that he has done, along with his big-hearted family and fellow firefighters, to help the new mom. But after all she's been through, could she really be happy with someone whose life is always in danger? Now it's up to Nic to show Cassidy that his bond with her and the baby is forever. 

I am going to do this review differently since their was Discussion Questions in the book of the book.  I am not answering every question, but the ones that were in my favorite part of the book.  If you want to see the other questions, please read the book and see them at the end of the book.  Thanks.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Name the main characters.  Who was your favorite? Why?
The main characters are Cassidy and Nic.  I love the character of Cassidy because she is a strong woman for what she has had to get through.  Too much for one person.  

2. What incident drew Cassidy and Nic together?
Nic is a fireman, who rescued Cassidy's nephew from a fire that killed his parents.

3. Although a Christian, Cassidy was riddled with fear.  What was she afraid of?  Why?
Cassidy is afraid of losing everyone she loves especially when she finds herself drawn to Nic.  She fears his job.  How can she be with someone who has a dangerous job?

4. Do you think Cassidy's fears were realistic?  Is it possible to be so afraid that fear interferes with a person's life choices?  
I do think Cassidy's fears were realistic especially since she has lost her parents in a terrible accident and then her sister and brother in law in a fire.  I do believe that it is possible to be so afraid that fear interferes with a person's life choices, but once they work through that fear, then they can live their life.

5. Some people believe that everything happens for a reason.  Do you?  
I do believe that everything happens for a reason.  I believe that if I did not injure my back, then we would not have Ethan.  

6. When Cassidy chose to raise her orphaned nephew, her grandmother fought against the decision?  Why?
Cassidy's grandmother fought against the decision she made to raise her orphaned nephew because her grandmother had a dream for Cassidy and wanted her to follow that, to have a career, and her fear of her own.  Her grandmother raised Cassidy and her sister.  She did not do what she wanted.  

7. Scripture says that love will cast out fear.  How does this relate to what Cassidy did at the end of the book?  
Cassidy left go of her fear.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this great book.  Sorry that I have been away for so long. 

Happy Reading!

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