Friday, July 12, 2019

Release Blitz: The Reintroduction of Sammie Morgan

Release Date: July 11, 2019
Cover Design: Shannon M. Lumetta


Still reeling from the tragic deaths of his wife and daughter, Matt Tyler trudges through life, caring for his young son, managing his cantankerous father, and working as much as he can. Despite his best efforts, bills are piling up and his vindictive in-laws seem determined to take Luke away from him.
Things change when he stumbles upon Sammie Morgan—with a car that won’t run and her mother’s ashes in the backseat. Best friends growing up, Matt and Sammie have spent years apart following very different paths. Now they’ve both run out of options. Without a dime in her pocket, Sammie has nowhere to go. And Matt lacks the stable home life he needs to fight his former in-laws. 
Their hasty solution? A marriage of convenience.
But how convenient will this reintroduction be if it means Matt and Sammie have to relive the most painful parts of their past?



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About the Author

During the day, Nancee works as a nurse/counselor in the field of addiction. This supports her coffee and reading habit. Nights are spent writing paranormal and contemporary romances with a serrated edge. Readers say her stories are character driven and full of angst with humor. She is represented by Stephanie Phillips of SBR Media. 

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