Tuesday, December 31, 2019

My Favorite Books in 2019

I have been thinking of this post for awhile now.  I want to give a shout out to those books I have absolutely loved this year.  I have been thinking if I should do a separate post about series, but decided not to.  You will see why!  

The Harris Brothers by Amy Dawes.
I have read 4 books in this series.  Each one gets better and better.  I have not read book #1 to the end.  I have read #1, 2, 3, then 6.  I know I need to catch up and I will.  I have Kindle Unlimited back and I plan to read them in the new year.

The Second Wife by Kishan Paul.
This series was an intense emotional read.  It opened my eyes to human trafficking and how it could happen in my own back yard.  Because of this series, I have been telling my children to know their surroundings.

Count to Ten by Jane Blythe.
This series was another one that told me to know my surroundings.  This series had everything I love in a book: suspense, crime, murder, intrigue, and a bit of romance.  I have read all 10 books of this series.  

Cliffside Bay by Tess Thompson
I have read all but Book #7.5.  I love this series because it follows 2 groups of men in a small town and their ladies.  First the dogs, then the wolves.  

What are your favorite books or series of 2019?  I could not pick just one book from these authors because they were that good!  I can not wait to see what I read in 2020.  

Happy Reading!!  

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