Monday, March 14, 2022

Release Blitz: Guarded by Dominique Wolf


Guarded by Dominique Wolf is now live!

"This is not a game. This is kill or be killed - the choice is yours."

When the Neves family find themselves on the wrong side of one of the most notorious crime families in Portugal, Milena Neves has to go on the run.

But she's not alone.

Hired to protect her, Vincenzo De Rossi has one thing on his mind - Keep Milena alive. That is until the two of them are awakened by a suffocating tension that becomes more and more difficult to ignore. While trying to outrun her death sentence, Milena and Vincenzo realise there is more they need to try and escape - the ever-growing connection between the two of them.

Forced together by the circumstances, Vincenzo and Milena must navigate their new reality and attempt to outrun the target on her back while also facing the internal battle of doing what's expected of them instead of what they truly desire.

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Meet Dominique Wolf

South African born romance writer, Dominique Wolf made her debut in the world of self-publishing with her 3-book release of the "More Than" series. Published sporadically in the last half of 2021, she began to gather an audience of dedicated readers that have continued to support her self-publishing journey. Having studied acting after high-school, she was focused on a different form of storytelling until she finally focused on her writing and completed a story for the first time ever. Twelve year old Dominique would be proud to see how far her, what was once just scribbles of ideas has come. When she's not writing a romance book, she's reading one. 
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