Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Release Blitz: Rambo by Michele Lee


Title: Rambo
Series: Nameless Order MC #5
Author: Michele Lee
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance/MC Romance/Single Dad
Release Date: June 21, 2023

I've been in love with Audrina from the moment I met her.
Her very existence is what kept me going every day. I've had this soul-consuming need to be with her. But it was only a dream. It would always be a dream.
Or so I thought.
Audrina was trapped, and I was devoted to getting her out. But I kept fighting with myself—telling myself she was happy. I wouldn't allow myself to ruin that.
How little I knew.
My focus shifted, though. I had my kids to worry about. I put them first and became determined to do right by them, which made me miss the signs.
No more.
Now, I am determined to get my kids, clear my name, and make Audrina see I'm the one for her.
No matter what, I will love her until my last breath.
She's the one for me. She's the one my kids love. She's the one we all depend on. I need her on so many levels.
The world around us may be crumbling. The Company may be one step ahead, but one thing will come of all of this.
Audrina will be mine.

**Trigger warnings are in front Matter of book Please let me know if you want the full list**

We are two moms that met through a readers group and found an instant connection via the books we love to read. We started to talk daily and found that we both had been working on our own books. Sharing those books, we realized that we have the same writing style and a few ideas stored away that we could combine and make into a fantastic world.
So, that’s what we did. We are currently working on multiple stories and have various plots written. Now, the struggle is finding the time to get it all out on paper.
With seven kids between us, two husbands, and day jobs, we are working on our stories as fast as we can. However, we are also taking the time needed to produce the most amazing stories.
The most fun fact about us? We have NEVER met in person. Everything is done via text messages, late-night video calls, multiple pages of notes, and hundreds of Google Docs.
It works, and our “date nights” are the best because they are productively unproductive. Oops.


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