Saturday, July 22, 2023

Countdown: 5 more days until Hired by the Consigliere by Nikki Rose is released!!


Hired by the Consigliere (Venturi Mafia: Made Men, #2) by Nikki Rose

Release date:  July 27th



Running a billion-dollar company, acting as consigliere to the Venturi crime family, and running for office means I don't have time for relationships. I pride myself on self-discipline and control, but I'm still a man with needs. So I allow myself a weekly indulgence at the top escort agency in Northern Italy.

They all know what I expect, except this new girl who seems to go against all the rules. She's chatty, a little awkward, and obviously not a pro but when I need a fake girlfriend to impress my political backer, I make her an offer too good to turn down.


No money, no job, and eviction is right around the corner. I added the escort job to my list of prospects as a joke, but when every other job falls through, I don't have another choice.

My very first client is supposed to be easy. His rigid routine means no surprises until he offers me the chance at more.

The job is simple, pretend to be his long-term girlfriend for a week and make a ton of money in the process. But things are never that simple. One week turns into two months. Long-term girlfriend becomes fiancée. And a dangerous enemy decides to use me as leverage to get Enzo to back out of the political race.

But that enemy is banking on Enzo's affection for me. He doesn't know that our feelings are fake but then again, after the way things have been going, neither do I.

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