Saturday, September 23, 2023

Release Blitz: I've Watched You Die by Karina Banks


I've Watched You Die by Karina Banks is now live!

A young woman, cursed. A rebellious prince in hiding. A forbidden love that will threaten two worlds...
There are two main things I've learned since my life turned upside down. The first is, if you speak of someone's death before it happens, you'll be blamed for murder. The second? If the hottest guy you've ever seen kisses you, and thanks you for saving his life, don't argue.

I watched him die, over and over. So many times. The vision is always the same and there is never one damn thing I can do to save him. I don't know why I can't dream about normal things, like going to school naked, or spiders. I hate spiders. No, I'm lucky enough to see strangers at the moments of their deaths.

The only thing keeping me sane is knowing the visions aren't real.

Until the accident. The blood. He dies in my arms.

At least, I thought he did. But now he's here, telling me I saved his life. Telling me unbelievable stories about monsters and gods and destiny. Promising to protect me.

If none of this is real, why am I afraid of the creatures hunting me? And if I saved his life, why are the nightmares back, stronger than ever? What is this thing lurking inside me, eager to strike?

I don't know, but I'm freaking out.

I'm afraid what I think is real, isn't. And what I know is not, just might be.

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Meet Karina Banks

Karina Banks lives, works, and goes to school in Boston, MA. She is a college student, songwriter, rock climber, pianist, and can normally be found sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea - with milk and sugar, of course. Karina began writing new scenes for her book as a means to procrastinate doing her "real" homework. If you live in Boston, you might catch her riding the T, or frequenting a nearby boba location. I've Watched You Die is her first novel

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