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Release Blitz: Make You Mine

Title: Make You Mine
Author: Tia Louise
Genre: Second Chance Romance
Release Date: December 4, 2018


(Second-chance romance, forbidden love, best friend’s little sister)

A promise written on a coaster.
A lost night in a dark room.
Grayson Cole was my brother’s best friend.
He was all of my firsts.
Then he went away…

Drew Harris was just a kid, a senior in high school, my best friend’s little sister.
They said she was too young to know her feelings.
I was too old to have them, so I left to join the military.

Four years passed.
Loss, injury, angry words I can never take back.
I’m home, but I’m not the same.
Neither is she.

Now she’s a woman with flashing blue eyes, long blonde hair, and gorgeous curves.
She’s the same sweet smile, the same sassy mouth…
I could never say No to her before.
I should say No for her sake.
She deserves better than what I’ve become, scarred and damaged.

“They told me to stay away from you.
I went away to try… God, I tried.
Now everything has changed. I’m back, and
I’ll do whatever it takes to make you mine…

(A full-length, STAND-ALONE CONTEMPORARY romance about first love, redemption, and finding your way home. No cheating; No cliffhangers.) 

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“I dreamed about you every night.” My confession makes her smile.

It’s the truth. It’s the only truth I know—if she’s in danger, I’ll carry her out. If she’s crying, I hold her until she stops. If she wants me… I can’t tell her no.

It’s been that way since she was just a cute little kid. It’s been this way since last summer when everything changed. I tried to fight it. She was only seventeen. I was almost twenty-one… Her daddy would’ve shot me dead and buried my body.

I tried to date… One time. It was a fucking disaster. I could only see her, taste her, want her. Only Drew gets me this way.

At night, I’d lie in bed and remember the first time we were together. Two triangles of white fabric covered her small breasts. I could see the curves at the bottoms and sides. They were perfect handfuls, high and pointed.

She looked at me as if she knew what she was doing to me in that white bikini. I’m sure I looked like an awestruck fool.

Then she blinked and tucked her chin into her shoulder, taunting me. Her hair swished down her back, ending at her slim waist. Her flat stomach led to round hips, long, silky legs. Her toenails were painted bright white, and I wanted to put them in my mouth. I’ve never wanted to do that.

I’ve never wanted to devour someone before.

My dick was so hard.

“I dreamed of you touching me.” Her voice drips with desire, and just like that, I have a steel rod in my pants. “Will you touch me now?”

“Drew…” I should tell her no.

Being here with her is dangerous.

If Danny found out… He’d say what I know. I’m too old for her. She’s too young. I should give her a chance to grow up. On top of that, I have nothing, no name, no status. I’m an orphan raised by a nobody.

I’m working to change it, but I haven’t yet.

She takes my hand and places it on the top of her thigh, at the hem of her red dress. “Touch me here,” she whispers, leaning into my ear.

She owns me in this moment, and she knows it.

She knows holding her is the greatest feeling in the world. It’s like coming home.

Her hand guides mine higher, sliding up the smooth skin of her leg. I feel her body tremble, and when my fingers touch the soft folds of her sex, I almost come in my pants. She’s not wearing underwear.

“Drew.” My voice is a hungry noise, the growl of a starving man.

“Yes,” she sighs. “Touch me, Gray.”

Her nails cut into my shoulders as I trace my fingers along the damp slit, teasing the tiny strip of curls, dipping the tip of one finger into her tight, clenching core. One more, and she moans. She’s so wet. I want to taste her.

“Gray…” Her hands go to my waist, pulling at the button on my jeans. She has my pants undone, and my erection is pointing right at her.

“Hang on.” I stand, fishing out my wallet, finding a condom.

I turn to the side to roll it on my aching dick.

As much as I dream of her carrying my baby, I know neither one of us is ready for that responsibility. Hell, I’m leaving for fucking Africa in less than two days. How I’ll survive four years without her, I don’t have a fucking clue, but I won’t do what they say I will. I won’t “ruin her” and run off.

My hands are on her again, lifting her by the ass and carrying her so her back is against the wall. Her mouth is on my neck, her soft tongue touching my hot skin as she kisses her way higher. I’m about to explode.

“I need you inside me.” Her lips graze my ear before she kisses it, and I don’t hesitate.

Lowering her onto my dick, my knees almost give out. My mind tilts at the sensation of her hot, tight, and clenching around my shaft. I have to hold still or I’ll come. Her thighs tense around my waist, and she struggles to move, letting out a low moan.

“Gray…” I feel her tremble, her muscles spasm, and my brow tightens.

I raise my head to find her eyes. “Did you come?”

Her nose curls, and she stretches up and down on me. “I came when you touched me.” She grips my shoulders, pulling up to kiss me. “Do it hard—the way you like it. I want to feel you. I want to remember you were here.”

Jesus. My eyes close, and I lower my mouth to hers. Her lips part, and our tongues curl together. I start to move, a deep thrust, and there’s no turning back.

“Drew…” It’s a ragged groan, and her body breaks again.

I’m relentless, driven by a need that never lets me go. Her small breasts bounce against my chest with every hard thrust. She moans, and her back arches, more clenching around my dick, pulling me further in.

“Oh,” she gasps, and I brace myself.

This is better than any drug. She’s my crack cocaine.

My hands grip her hips, pulling us together again and again, until I break, pressing her to the wall, filling that condom with every pulse, the way I dream of filling her, of putting my baby into her, of having all the things I want with her, a home, a family.

I’m breathing hard. My eyes are closed, and her fingers trace my neck, thread into my hair. She kisses my jaw, my cheek. The sensations consume me, overpower me. I hold onto her as I fumble my way back to Earth. I got lost in heaven.

Mine… Mine… The word echoes in my ears on every heartbeat. What will it take to make her mine?

Author Bio

Tia Louise is the USA Today best-selling, award-winning author of When We Touch, the “Bright Lights,” “One to Hold,” and “Dirty Players” series, and co-author of the #4 Amazon bestseller The Last Guy.

After being a teacher, a book editor, a journalist, and finally a magazine editor, she started writing love stories and never stopped.

Louise lives in the Midwest with her trophy husband, two teenage geniuses, and one grumpy cat. 

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