Thursday, February 14, 2019

Release Blitz: Boss of my Panties

Most CEOs go to meetings to keep an eye on their bottom line. Not me. I go to keep an eye on her.
Boss of My Panties by Tessa Wood is AVAILABLE NOW! Amazon -- FREE with #KindleUnlimited
He’s the boss of my panties. Literally. As in he’s the fiercely supportive and protective CEO of his baby sister’s clothing company – the one I design for. Yes, he’s as dreamy as he sounds. So dreamy that I can barely form words when I see him. …Until the day I open my mouth at one of our design staff meetings and now I’m somehow working directly with the one man in the world I think about while designing all these sexy lacy bits… * * * * * She designs some of the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen. The quietly classy kind. The kind I can imagine her wearing. Even though I shouldn’t. She works for me, for chrissakes; I can’t touch her. My sister thinks I'm micromanaging her bottom-line. I’m not. Seems I can only keep my eyes on one bottom these days and it has nothing to do with accounting. And now that I’ve discovered the shyest lingerie designer on the planet is capable of exchanging more than a few words with me each month, it’ll be a miracle if I can stop thinking about her at all…
About the Author: Tessa Wood was lucky enough to fall in love with her best friend who still gives her multiple laugh-gasms a day. Mr. Wood (yes, he very much enjoys referring to himself in the third person) is her own unique Prince Charming who continues to inspire the sexy stories she writes in the wee hours of the night, long after her family is asleep. These late night stories are largely made possible by the secret stashes of dark chocolate she hides around the house...and often forgets the location of until Mr. Wood finds them, eats them, and leaves a hilarious post-it calling card so she knows he's pulled off another of his chocolate capers. Given that she and Mr. Wood somehow ended up together against all odds (as in literal evil wagers they enjoy guilting their friends about), Tessa's big goal as an author is to play matchmaker for all the heroes and heroines living in her brain who probably wouldn't/shouldn't have ended up together otherwise. Hehe.

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