Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Excerpt Reveal: The Escape

HARD LIMITS? THERE AREN'T MANY. Keep reading for a steamy excerpt from The Escape by Teresa Crumpton!!
With his very lucrative business, Rex hasn't had time for women. But when he adds a speakeasy and more staff to his high-end nightclub, it's his new bar manager that really catches his eye. If only employees weren't completely off limits…. Teagan just landed a fantastic job managing one of the swankiest establishments in all of Austin. But there's a major downside to her new dream gig: her boss is the sexiest man she's ever seen, and she's seen him at a much more sinful club. A lot. Difficult though it is, Rex and Teagan navigate their professional relationship without letting their mutual attraction ruin everything. That is, until a New Year's Eve kiss ignites the spark that's been smoldering between them. When fantasy becomes reality, will these two get what they want in spite of all their rules? This One of The Boys novel can be read and enjoyed as a standalone contemporary romance!
Eyeing Rex I take a sip, letting the bubbles add to the allure of the atmosphere. Neither of us say a word until the bottle of sparkling wine arrives and Rex closes the red curtains surrounding our table. It gives this the illusion of privacy, and for the most part it does cut off people from trying to eavesdrop on our conversation. Besides, the patrons want a show and tonight they won’t be getting one from us.
“Limits, likes, dislikes and most importantly desires,” Rex says, turning his focus on me.
His body is buzzing with the need to touch as we have this discussion, but he holds himself back, just barely, as his leg rubs up against mine and his arm rests atop the back of the booth. I shift in the booth so my body is turned toward him, giving my full attention.
Taking another sip, I spill, “I only have four hard limits. Everything else is free reign.” I watch his eyes darken with interest.
“What are those four hard limits?” he asks.
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About Teresa
Teresa Crumpton is a hybrid: she grew up in the Midwest and the American South. She writes dark supernatural thrillers and contemporary romance. She loves classic horror moves and Shakespeare. She never thought she'd turn her passion for writing into a career, but here she is! When Teresa isn't writing, you can find her at book signings or traveling the world with the perfect man for her. She's living the dream and keeping a promise she made to her father before he passed.
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