Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Release Blitz: Mace by M.A. Gonzales


Mace by M.A. Gonzales is now live!

When two fierce personalities collide,
like a match to gasoline, passion explodes.

She makes me question core things about myself
The mountain and cabin are my sanctuaries.
My bear prefers a life of solitude, and I'm content being alone.
Then she barges into my life, changing everything.
Nikola. Markus's fierce vampire sister.
Off. Limits.
But the need to be near her is testing my sanity.
She draws out a passion in me, a fire I've never known.
Man and bear agree that we need to have her.
Chemistry like ours won't burn itself out.
It explodes into an inferno.
As a US Marshall, her case takes us to the Bayou. Nikola is dedicated to protecting the innocent and the weak. She's never had the luxury of a protector. I intend to change that.
Danger forces us to depend on each other, and our trust is tested.
When a sinister plot threatens the future of all vampires in Louisiana,
I vow to unconditionally protect Nikola;
Because now, the one thing I'm sure of,
She's mine.
And I'm never letting her go.

Something in me changes the second I lay eyes on Mace.
The world sees an arrogant-kickass US Marshall and vampire.
But I'm not as confident as I seem.
Betrayal by those who should have loved me the most has left me cynical.
Mace's quiet steadfastness calms me.
The connection is undeniable.
A triple murder case in Louisiana forces me to take Mace as a partner.
Everything about this case seems wrong, and I need a shifter at my back.
I don't tolerate injustice or prejudice, and I've found too many people look the other way.
But I learn to trust Mace at his word. He will look death in the face and not blink.
I've never needed to be protected, but Mace melts me in ways that tear down my guard.
I don't know if that will save me, kill me, or break my heart.
The clock is ticking on this case.
I will do anything to save the innocent.
I only hope that Mace is still willing to stay by my side when this is all over.

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Meet M.A. Gonzales

I love writing books full of erotic heat with fierce, independent, passionate women and the hot alpha males who love them. I get excited about action packed stories full of excitement that shows a couple's journey, whether it be a personal journey and moving on from the past or falling in love surrounded by danger and adventure. Writing about people overcoming impossible odds and fulfilling themselves and their goals is so important to me, it calls to me. It's the same thing I love to see in real life and deeply believe in my heart that we can all accomplish.

​Most of the time I focus on stories that have a dangerous sometimes dark theme. Most are a mixture of action & adventure, and steamy, hot romance. Overcoming deep seated issues personally and showing how it effects their relationship is what falling in love is all about. The constant theme in all of my books is sexy, scorching hot romance. I guarantee that my stories will leave you hot and bothered, panting for more.

A loud, tattooed workaholic, I love reading and the ocean speaks to my soul. I'm a wine and chocolate lover, who stares dreamily into sunsets and vows to one day live by the ocean surrounded by animals, the countryside and a big family.
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