Thursday, August 18, 2022

Release Blitz: Week #2 The Zodiac Collection


Titles: Cancer ~ Sagittarius ~ Gemini ~ Libra
Series: The Zodiac Collection
Week #2 Authors: Paisleigh Aumack, Adora Crooks, Echo Grayce, & Allie York
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 18, 2022

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to have good family, good friends, until fate intervened.

When my life was forever upended, I met a man who I was stupid enough to fall in love with. Until fate reared her ugly head again and he left me too.

The only family who matters has begged me to move to Carson Falls, my second home. Who should I find when I accept his offer, but the man who ghosted me and wants back in my life.

I'm not sure we can even be friends anymore because he was dating the woman my brother, Braxton, was in love with.

Moving here was supposed to give me a healing new start, instead, I'm gutted.

Will fate step in and fix things or am I destined to remain alone?

What happens when a manic and creative Sagittarius
falls for a stubborn and bull-headed Aries...?

Eric and I couldn’t be more different.

I like poetry and deep, wine-infused conversations.
He likes action films and speaks in one-word sentences.

He’s entered the grumpy, introverted phase of middle-life.
I’m relishing my twenties with late-night pool parties.

I’ve been out since I was a teenager.
He’s so deep in the closet, he has to pay taxes in Narnia.

He’s an actor at the top of his career. Box office hits. Multi-million-dollar movie contracts.
I haven’t written a novel in months, and I fear my muse has slipped away for good.

But when we’re together, there’s a magnetic pull neither of us can deny.
Is this the kiss of inspiration? Or something more?

Sagittarius is an upcoming M/M celebrity romance from USA Today bestselling author Adora Crooks. Between the pages are steamy scenes, heart-string-tugging angst, and an unconventional HEA.

She’s fought for six years to snag a story this big.

A story capable of launching her from field reporter with the local news to primetime TV anchor.

But the hunt for success means exposing dangerous secrets.

And evading the powerful people desperate to keep them hidden.

When she gets too close, and the life of a child becomes tethered to hers, she has no choice.

She knows just who to call…

Who hasn't spent their summer evenings flipping through their monthly Cosmo looking for horoscopes?

The fiery, passionate Scorpio. The loyal and protective Taurus.

Who are you most compatible with?

Find your love match with TWELVE, BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE contemporary romances, each featuring a book boyfriend who embodies the best traits of his horoscope. Alpha-males, golden retriever boyfriends, sassy heroines, and a whole bunch of STEAM.

Fate is calling... get swept away by the world of the Zodiac Collection!

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