Thursday, August 31, 2023

Release Blitz: I'm Not a Mannequin by R.B. O'Brien


Title: I'm Not a Mannequin
Author: R.B. O'Brien
Genre: Poetry Collection
Release Date: August 29, 2023

R.B. O’Brien’s highly anticipated fifth collection of poetry comes with a fitting title, because there is nothing plastic or fake or synthetic about the art of being human. You’ll find no forced rhymes or antiquated strict forms here, just a simple beauty in the complex emotions of the unexpected--and sometimes expected--moments we live, one at a time and all at once. This collection reminds us that we are all “Leaves at Midnight,” on “Swallowtail Wings,” even “Across Snowfields,” best traveled “Bare and Naked,” and anything—ANYTHING—but mannequins covered in the clothes that won’t fit us.

From sensuality to love to romance to nature and death, O’Brien shows us our human spirit in verse, like looking into a mirror that sometimes makes us smile, and other times, makes us cry; that sometimes shines light on our best features, and other times, begs for the sun to salve the scars of our darkness; that sometimes makes us a child again, and other times, allows us to revel in the sensual intricacies of being an adult; and that never sometimes, but only always, shows us that truth lies in embracing every part of all of it: A world where poetry with soul exists.

"Emotive. Romantic. Introspective. And everything in between. Poetry is what my soul bleeds when I'm not looking...”

R.B. O’Brien is the founding member of The Nu Romantics and a multi-genre author of electric writing best known for her romance novels, but poetry is her first love. She is a logophile, a reader, a health fanatic, an advocate for animals, a nature lover, a dancer, a hopeful romantic, has a profound affection for Shakespeare, finds beauty in the darkest of things, loves wry humor, and often, succumbs to a heart that beats too fast.

O’Brien holds a degree in English literature and teaches for a living. Beyond that, she CREATES—every chance she gets.



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