Friday, September 15, 2023

Cover Reveal: All of Me by Jenny Bunting


Jenny Bunting has revealed the cover for All of Me!

Releasing October 20, 2023

After leaving a toxic ex, I've returned to the small town of Ivy River to reconnect with my father. never expected a handsome, broody man with eyes like embers, to be living above his garage.

Will Stone is completely off limits. Not just because he's my dad's employee, but because I have plans to restart my life. Plans that don't include a relationship. 

We flirt; the attraction between us is undeniable. One of us will break soon and I'm afraid it will be me.  

My boss's daughter will be my downfall.

Paul is more than a boss; he's the father figure I wish I had. Lusting after his daughter is a slap in the face. 

Still, Bree's bringing out emotions I've stuffed down deep. I'm punching guys in bars, I'm volunteering to watch a litter of puppies, and I'm falling harder every day. 

She's changing me. 
She's dividing my loyalty.
She's consuming all of me.  


Cover Designer: Elle Maxwell Designs

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Meet Jenny Bunting

Jenny Bunting is the author of eight full-length romance novels and five romantic comedy novella titles, all self-published. Jenny loves puppies, her romances a little sweet, a little spicy, coffee, and a good TV binge. She lives with her husband and their German shepherd, Booker, in the suburbs of Sacramento, California.


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