Monday, October 1, 2018

Release Blitz: Connection

Title: Connection 
Author: Morgan Locklear 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: October 1, 2018 
Cover Designer: Jada D'Lee Designs 

Olivia McCourtney knows a terrible secret, ghosts are everywhere, and they're furious at the world. When she leaves her hometown of Savannah, Georgia, to study in New York City, she is confronted by billions of sour spirits. But on the subway train from Queens to NYU, Olivia meets Patrick, a traveler trapped on the Broadway Line. Olivia is obsessed with helping her newfound friend, but soon realizes that she's the one who needs to be saved when she draws too much attention from both the living and the dead. Can Olivia and Patrick help each other survive the perils of two different worlds that share a connection?


A photograph of a girl riding a bicycle clung to the humming, yellow refrigerator in the McCourtney family kitchen. A magnet shaped like a carrot chaperoned the picture, already stuck to the surface with age. Frozen forever, the radiant girl looked at the camera, her eyes gleaming. Ribbons, once fluttering from her handlebars, were now as stiff as the shadows captured on the road.
The child’s name was Mattie Boyer, now Mattie McCourtney, but most people mistook her for her eldest daughter, Pepper Marie. The two shared a redheaded resemblance that didn’t so much as glance at Mattie’s youngest daughter Olivia, a girl with hair as black as her pupils. That picture had fascinated Olivia since before she was tall enough to reach it.
Mattie always told people that she was singing along to the little transistor radio dangling from her wrist, but in truth, she had dropped that radio only moments before and broke it. She’d sobbed as she pedaled home, expecting a severe reaction from her dad.
Her oblivious father snapped the photo when Mattie approached the front yard. The calm façade misled him for a few seconds, but then he comforted his little girl with one knee on the hot driveway and his arms around her thin body gulping air. Later that night, he fixed the radio, and her captured grimace, disguised as a smile, was a secret they kept when the picture was developed into an artful and stunning image.
Olivia envied the carefree girl in that photograph. Maybe if she had known the truth, she wouldn’t have felt so isolated. Instead, she identified more with that little radio dangling in the breeze and picking up strange frequencies.
She had a secret too, and like that picture, it was hidden in plain sight.

Morgan Locklear has written over six hundred songs, but Connection is his first novel. (Not counting Exposure, the book he co-wrote with his wife, Jennifer Locklear in 2014, and some rather wordy Twilight fanfiction). Connection began in November 2013 as a project for National Novel Writing Month, (NaNoWriNo). It only took four more Novembers to complete.

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