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Pre-Order Blitz: Snowflakes and Shots by Amanda Siegrist


Title: Snowflakes and Shots
Series: A Holiday Romance Novel #5
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2020


One last shot at love… 

Stu doesn’t have many regrets in life—not even the fact he never decorates his bar for the holidays. But when a bar fight turns into needing medical attention, he’s put face-to-face with the one woman he’s tried to avoid for the last fifteen years. Okay, so maybe he regrets a few things. He should’ve never walked away from her. It only took a good knock to his head to make him see clearly. He’s going to win Chasity’s heart once again. It doesn’t matter that she’s not going to make it easy; he’s up for the challenge. Bring on the bets and all the Christmas spirit he can handle. Except, one person doesn’t like the idea of them together—the same person that had him walking away from her all those years ago.




He needed to tread carefully. Letting her know how he felt at the start of their tentative relationship wouldn’t be wise. He was already skating on thin ice with her. One wrong move and she’d shove him out of her life. 
He couldn’t let that happen. 
Getting out bed, he looked around the room for his clothes, realizing he left them in the bathroom. Well, they slept together with him only in his boxers, it shouldn’t be too weird for him to walk out there in only that. 
Opening the door, he headed down the short hallway, his nose picking up the scent of bacon as he neared the bathroom. Oh, a woman after his heart, for sure. Making him breakfast. 
He peeked inside the bathroom, his clothes nowhere in sight. Well, shit. He swore he left them in here. 
Having no choice, he walked into the living room, finding the room empty. He could hear low music playing in the kitchen—of course, a peppy Christmas tune—and a sweet voice singing along with it. 
He had decided he wanted all in with her. That meant he wanted her for the rest of his life. She’d have to get used to him walking around the place with only boxers on. Puffing up his chest, flexing a bit, because hey, he could make himself look good, he ventured into the kitchen. 
“Good morning.” 
A tiny shriek sounded across the way, as Chasity jumped in front of the stove, the spatula popping up out of the pan and a few eggs flying to the floor. 
He grinned. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.” 
She placed a hand to her chest, small laughter escaping. “Totally didn’t startle me.” 
A brow rose. “No? Not even a tiny bit.” He glanced down at the floor, his grin widening. “So, your eggs like to hop out of the pan like that all the time?” 
“It’s just the way I make eggs.” 
This woman couldn’t get any more adorable if she tried. Her hair was looped up behind her head in a messy bun. She wore a pair of black drawstring pants with her nightgown still on, but a light tan sweater dressed over it. Her cheeks were starting to blush a rosy red. He sort of loved it when she blushed by something he did or said. It made him want to elicit more of that out of her. 
He edged closer to her, his smile growing as he did. Her own sweet smile started to emerge as the pinkish hue laced across her cheeks spread down her neck. 
“I seem to have lost my clothes.” He chuckled along with her as he planted his hands on her waist. 
“That is a tragedy,” she said, biting the bottom of her lip as her eyes trailed downward. 
(Copyright © 2020 Amanda Siegrist)


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