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Cover Reveal: Sharing Noelle by Margot Scott


Title: Sharing Noelle
Author: Margot Scott
Genre: Menage/Forbidden Romance
Release Date: December 18, 2020


My hot stepbrother. His gorgeous dad. An impossible choice.

With my dad and his wife honeymooning over Christmas, I assume I’ll be celebrating the holidays alone. That is, until my new stepbrother—a sex-god sous chef with a smile that melts panties like butter—invites me to spend the week at his dad’s log-cabin resort.

Thirsting after my much older stepbrother is bad enough. Falling head over heels in lust with his lumberjack dad is just plain greedy.

The only thing these stubborn men can agree on is that they both want me. I can’t imagine saying no to one of them, so I won’t.

When they ask me what I want for Christmas, I’ll be honest.

One man isn’t enough for me. I want them both.

- - -

Author’s Note: Cozy up with this forbidden Christmas and New Year’s Eve romance featuring two scorching-hot, dominant alphas—who also happen to be father and son. This steamy read is fast, filthy, and jam packed with age-gap holiday instalove, and a guaranteed HEA for all!


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“I had a lot of fun today,” Noelle says. “Thank you. Both of you.” 
“You’re welcome,” I tell her. 
“Hands-on tree cutting is all part of the quintessential Christmas package,” Sawyer says, sliding closer to her under the guise of showing her how to work the hot tub’s controls. 
The water around us bubbles to life. 
Something brushes my calf. It takes a second for me to realize the culprit is Noelle’s foot. She rests it on my knee, and I lay my hand over it. This slight contact is enough to get my heart pounding, pumping blood to my cock. It’s not until Sawyer smiles at her that I realize she must be touching him in some way, too. 
What the fuck is happening? 
Sawyer tucks his arm behind her neck, as they gaze up at the night sky. She doesn’t move her foot. Eventually, Sawyer turns to look at her, and she at him. He traces the edge of her jaw with his fingertip, then taps the tip of her nose. She catches his finger in her mouth, between her teeth. 
I realize she must be licking his fingertip. I’ve caught my son fucking enough girls in my house over the years to recognize the signs that he’s enjoying himself. 
Right now he’s shooting me a look that says, what the hell are you still doing here? And the longer I sit, the more I begin to doubt myself and what I am doing in this hot tub with my son and the girl he wants to finger. 
It doesn’t matter that I like her, too. She’s too young for me, and I’m too damn old to be playing guessing games with a teenager. My son wants her and she obviously wants him. 
I shouldn’t be here. This was a mistake. 
Easing her foot off my knee, I rise from the water. 
“Colton,” Noelle says, her sad-puppy eyes boring into me. “You’re leaving?” 
I angle my body so she can’t see the bulge in my shorts. 
“Gotta be up early tomorrow,” I tell her. 
She grasps my hand, using me as leverage to keep her balance as she stands. I should let go of her and get out of the tub, but all I can do is stare at her now transparent bra and panties. At the dark points of her nipples and the visible cleft between her legs. The look on my son’s face tells me the view of her backside is just as enticing. 
“What if I want you to stay?” she asks. 
I glace at Sawyer, who looks confused. No doubt it’s dawning on him that Noelle might be choosing his father over him, and he’s not sure what to make of it. 
Yeah, that’s right. Your pop’s still got it... 
Noelle’s gaze jumps between Sawyer and me, her expression anxious. 
“What if I want you both to stay?” 
She lets go of my hand to unhook her bra, removing it along with her panties. Tossing the drenched scraps of fabric aside, she stands between us, naked and wet, and more beautiful than anything I’ve dared to dream of. 
“I’m sorry I’m not better at this,” she says. “I don’t know how to say it so that it doesn’t sound perverted. But I like you both so much. And...I just want you.” 
She takes Sawyer’s hand, then mine, and places them on her tits. Her nipple teases the inside of my palm and sends blood surging through me, straight to my cock. 
But Sawyer is my son. That I’m even considering sharing Noelle with him is fucking insane. But as crazy as this whole thing is, part of me wants to say yes. 
Because I want Noelle, more than I’ve wanted any other woman. And if this is what it takes to have her, I’m willing to give it a try. 
She tips her face upward, silently begging me to kiss her. And I want to, so fucking much. 
I lower my lips to hers. She’s even softer than she looks, and sweeter. I haven’t kissed a woman in over three years, and that woman wasn’t anyone special. Noelle is as special as it gets. I skim my thumb across her nipple, slipping my tongue into her mouth on a gasp. I explore her mouth, inhaling her exhales, then pull back before I forget what’s at stake here. 
“Sawyer,” I rasp. “You’ve gotta tell me right now if you’re not okay with this.” 
I stare him down, my gaze stony and serious as cancer. My decision is already made. I couldn’t resist this girl if I wanted to. And for the first time since my son was born, the day I vowed to put his needs first forever, I don’t fucking want to. 
But he needs to be damn sure that this is something he can live with, because once we cross that line, there’s no normal to go back to. 
He wraps his arm around Noelle’s hips. “As long as it’s what she wants...” 
“It is.” She gasps as his hand flexes around her breast. 
He strokes her mound. She whimpers. 
“Then I’ll take you however I can get you,” he says. “Even if it means sharing you with him.” 
Sawyer draws Noelle down into the water so he can kiss her, starting with her mouth, then her jaw, then her neck. It’s here and now that I learn how much I enjoy seeing her drunk on pleasure, even if I’m not the one serving it. 
Noelle wets her bottom lip as she eyes the obvious bulge in my shorts. 
“Be with me, Colton,” she says, her voice a siren song. 
I sink into the foaming water, ready to drown.


Margot Scott likes long nails and short, sexy reads, rainbow sprinkles on vanilla ice cream, and rainy days spent in bed with her furbabies. When she’s not writing forbidden-love stories about bearded older men, you can find her browsing Pinterest for pictures of pink things.


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