Monday, January 17, 2022

Cover Reveal: Beautifully Broken by J.A. Owenby


J.A. Owenby has revealed the
cover for Beautifully Broken!

Releasing February 23, 2022

I didn't plan to fall in love with River, but I couldn't resist her strength and determination to survive no matter what. 

She's feisty and sharp—everything I never knew I needed.

When I found her, scared and abused, I realized I would do anything to protect her. We're from completely different worlds, but that didn't stop me from giving her my heart. 

Loving her gave me peace from the pain and secrets that hide inside me.

But someone took her from me, and I'll tear the world apart until I find her. Everything I thought was true is a lie. Deceit and betrayal lurk around every corner, and I no longer trust the people who raised me.

Now I'm searching for the love of my life while gut-wrenching memories unfold, and I realize in order to save her, I have to crawl into the pit of hell and face the darkness.

Follow Holden as he uncovers his buried past that nearly breaks him as he searches for River. Beautifully Broken is book two in the Beautifully Damaged series and a billionaire, opposite side of the tracks, dark new adult novel that will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat with revelations and twists you'll never see coming.

**Please be advised this series contains dark and mature content some will find triggering.

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Meet J.A. Owenby

International bestselling author J.A. Owenby grew up in a small backwoods town in Arkansas where she learned how to swear like a sailor and spot water moccasins skimming across the lake.

She finally ditched the south and headed to Oregon. The first winter there, she was literally blown away a few times by ninety mile an hour winds and storms that rolled in off the ocean.

Eventually, she longed for quiet and headed up to snowier pastures. She now resides in Washington state with her hot nerdy husband and cat, Chloe (who frequently encourages her to drink). She spends her days coming up with ways to torture characters in a way that either makes you want to throw your book down a flight of stairs or sob hysterically into a pillow.

J.A. Owenby writes new adult and romantic thriller novels. Her books ooze with emotion, angst, and twists that will leave you breathless. Having battled her own demons, she's not afraid to tackle the secrets women are forced to hide. After all, the road to love is paved in the dark.

Her friends describe her as delightfully twisted. She loves fan mail and wine. Please send her all the wine.
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